Future Shop Flyer Show Amazing Xbox 360 Deals

NextGen Player writes:

"We got tipped off earlier today by a reader that RedFlagDeals is currently ablaze with discussion about a slew of Future Shop deals for the Xbox 360 beginning on June 5.

According to the post, a number of top quality Xbox 360 titles including Mass Effect, Dead Space, Lost Odyssey, Too Human, Fracture, Stranglehold and Thrill Off The Rails will all be on sale for the rock bottom price of $9.99. There is also four notable games reduced to $19.99 including Bourne Conspiracy, Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed and End War."

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DocEvil3425d ago

wow, I'm definitely going to pick up a couple of these... for ten bucks you can afford to buy a game you aren't sure you'll like!