Nintendo 'rejected' rivals' choice of technology

Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata stated in a recent interview with the Financial Times that his company tried the motion-sensing technology Sony and Microsoft are counting on, but rejected them due to better result with the accelerometers that are currently implemented in Wii controllers.

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Smacktard3424d ago

I dunno, from what I've seen Sony's purple dildo looked more accurate than Motion+.

qface643424d ago

they were pretty much the same if you ask me
nothing worse nothing better

WildArmed3424d ago

i duno.
I thought ps3 ones are alot more precise.
But i guess the wii option was probably cheaper which obviously influenced em.. low price = high sales (for the most part)

JaggedSac3424d ago

In other news, one company says their competing company's stuff is not as good and people should stick with them.

menoyou3424d ago

Yea, this is marketing BS. Sony's controller registers motion at the sub-milimeter level. You could even see the guys hand shake subtly. And they have live demonstrations of 1 to 1 sword and shield, something Nintendo has yet to accomplish, not even with Red Steel 2 which has pre-scripted sword attacks. To be honest, Sony's controller is on a whole other level.

qface643424d ago

same thing happened when regie demonstrated wii sports resort
there wasn't much of a difference

Qui-Gon Jim3424d ago

Yeah. I will believe that motion+ is an improvement over the regular Wiimote, but they didn't show it very well (didn't Twilight Princess have Wiimote archery?). I was very impressed by the precision of Sony's demo, as well as the concept of Natal.

n4f3423d ago

ok you can tell me that you have been impress by the ps3 sensor mote. yeah that fine i will respect that.but saying that nintendo cannot accomplish a swordfight than that is bull$hit. bot of them are doing 1:1 all the 3 can do the f*cking sword and shield fight or trow shuriken and the bow.
no tell me why do sony has a better advantage i wont proof that will make me change idea

Smacktard3423d ago

@menoyou: Don't use Red Steel 2 as an example. The guys at IGN have said that the tech is there to do it basically 1:1, just that they aren't taking advantage of it. Just another example of Ubicrap being Ubicrap.

Perhaps Motion+ is just as or more accurate than the Sony dildo, but Nintendo just hasn't really been showing what it can do. And THAT'S the biggest trouble with it. Sony demoed LIVE exactly what it could do, and it looked impressive. Both it and Microsoft's motion are doomed to failure, however, being released so late in the consoles' lifetimes. They really should've saved them for next gen.

DarkArcani3423d ago

I love how everyone is calling it the Sony dildo.

Cracks me up.

cyberwaffles3423d ago

sony and natal's motion sensing works differently than the wii's. the wii uses the wii-mote's built in motion device as a tracer for movement that is calibrated to a screen (it's almost never perfectly lined up to where you're actually pointing, it's off by mm to sometimes inches). natal/sony uses a technology that not only has a controller to track movement (in this case, sony) but also the light surrounding people is also calculated for true 1:1 movement. light encompasses and forms to any shape that exists within it(like water) so the camera gets a more accurate reading where a person is moving since the light is repelling around the silhouette of that very person, while the wiimote just use an old school arcade method of a pointer.

i'm glad sony and microsoft released their motion systems; it felt a little over deserving to see nintendo make millions off of shovelware and last gen quality games just because it uses motion controls which have been around in arcades for decades. this will hopefully force nintendo to actually make better games instead of relying on their novelty item to get sales because it seems like those days are over. would you prefer an inferior console that does motion controls or a superior console that does motion controls and then some?

case in point; nintendo can't get away for being different and unique when everyone else is now doing the same thing they're doing. i think i remember a long time ago a nintendo spokesperson said they didn't want the wii to have high hardware specs like the ps3 and the 360 because it would be like "fighting fire with fire" and preferred to go in a new direction. things change nintendo.

SuperM3423d ago

Yep, Sonys controller Will always be accurate according to the screen because you have the PS eye recording movement. Also the PS eye can do headtracking aswell, so you can move your head around to look the enviroments from different angles.

I see how people can say that it looks like the Wii-mote, but it is infact far superior.

cjflora3423d ago

I want proof that you can write a sentence that people can read once and comprehend(understand, if that word was too big for you) what you are saying.

N4g_null3423d ago

Well it is going to be nice to see how much over head these controls will take from the code. It's a little too bad they didn't have retail stuff ready. Man is it going to be crazy when these thing actually come out. If the HD guys do not do this correctly they will give nintendo the lead no matter how good the concepts are.

You guys need to remember that the PS3 has had motion controls for a while and no one used them. You should also remember no one bought the pseye and also how much it actually cost. Oh yeah there was not a price drop for the PS3. Hopefully that is fixed by the time this comes out.

I'm glad MS has the z cam out though. I believe that may become the standard with a hybrid of the Wii mote. The only problem I see MS having is software now. Can they make a fun game that is not lame? The same goes for PS3... because the eye toy guy's games suck.

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Raoh3424d ago

LOL what is he supposed to say.. I love what sony and microsoft are doing, i wish we would have thought of that?

na-no-nai3424d ago

i remember 3 years ago, lots peoples including devs and companies said this wouldnt succeed. now people are like crazy about it now. i thought it was awesome the first time nintendo introduces it ^_^

qface643424d ago

sounds just like the people that said pokemon was nothing more than a passing fad then it turned into a billion dollar empire xD

heck almost every time someone tries something new allot of people try and say it will fail or it won't do good just because its something new

then again sometimes they are right

DarkArcani3423d ago

well most of the times they are right, or else no one would ever say that it wont work or last.

darkmurder3424d ago

Hmm, I guess this is a "true" statement like how New Super Mario Bros can only be running on the wii due to its processing power....

Dawn_Of_Ashes3424d ago

MEEH nintendo should be affraid of ms and sony. I bet sony will not offer other peripheral for the controler.

qface643424d ago

im guessing if they aren't its because they already have a huge part of the motion market down

i mean when people that don't really know anything about games see motion controls and find it interesting
nintendo is the name well the wii is the thing that would come to mind

way i see it by the time the other motion controls become more main stream nintendo will have their next crazy idea ready for release

SuperM3423d ago

Actually i dont think Nintendo has any Crazy idea that can top this. The only new direction i can see them going is 3d, but i honestly dont see Nintendo being the first to incorporate this. Sony has already been doing alot of experiments on that area.

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