Microsoft takes a leaf out of Sony and Nintendo's books

Why reinvent the marketing spiel wheel when you can borrow it from someone else? Gameplayer takes a look at how Microsoft isn't afraid to borrow from the opposition to push its point of difference.

"Various dirty tactics are employed in a perpetual battle of one-upmanship, with the most recent not-so-subtle battle taking place in the form of an E3 numbers and figures conflict between Sony and Microsoft. But even Nintendo has not been able to escape the shots across the bow at E3 this year, with Microsoft dragging the family-friendly company into the firing line with a remark about Project Natal motion-control not being 'predetermined waggle dependent.'"

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3427d ago
timmyrulz3427d ago

WTF? If this is the road these articles are going down then sony stole nintendo's and segas ideas for making consoles and games who in turn stole the ideas off calico and atari

Nintendo and sonys wand isnt even in the same league as Natal,

Shendow3427d ago

If you knew you system history, then you would know that Atari was Sega as well until they broke apart an slowly they broke to make other gaming company's. So its not a shocking but the thing is that Sony has been doing the cam movement from PS2 an that just mean's Sony knows the dos and don't s.

GrandTheftZamboni3427d ago

"...PS3 has a projected lifespan of 10 years. This means that, should a PlayStation 4 be on the cards ... we shouldn’t expect to see it on store shelves until the end of 2016."

The author can write, do the basic math, but someone needs to tell him that consoles' lifespans can overlap. I have an idea which console he had experience with.

eagle213427d ago

yeah, that's ole'

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