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This being E3, there's been a lot of impressive stuff on show. But nothing as impressive as seeing somebody play Ubisoft's RUSE on Microsoft's $20,000 touch-screen "Surface".
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ngg123453423d ago

A 20,000 pc can't even handle ruse at 20 fps.

Godmars2903422d ago

More like a $500 PC and a $18500 touch screen :p

narked3422d ago

lol price is like WAYYY TO HIGH

xwabbit3422d ago

a huge ipod touch, now that's new

Doppy3422d ago

Now this is amazing. Not ruse, but how they zoomed out, and saw an entire room. When that happened I thought, it would be amazing to be able to play a game like Heavy Rain with this touch screen.

Bnet3433422d ago

Surface is the future. Can you imagine a head to head RTS game on this thing? And you can finally do a real life yu-gi-oh card battle and other TCG games. Damn ... this really makes me happy, technology is amazing at times.

BulletToothtony3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

definitely worth checking out..

Qui-Gon Jim3422d ago

Seriously though, CNN uses these things all the time. Looks pretty neat, and may be the future of computers, but in a different form. Would i have to move all the crap i have piled up on my table every time i want to check my e-mail?

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Mr_Controversy3422d ago

It's Microsoft, why would you expect anything less? They're not like Sony teasing with games from 2010. What a weak 2009 line-up for being "Sony's Year."

table3422d ago

yeah because people are going to buy a $20,000 touch screen to play this...

Trebius3422d ago

If they release this to the public now, no one but the richest in the country would have there's no money in it. Sony at least showed things that are coming right away, Natal still has a long way to go.

This is absolutely impressive though, I would get one if it were a viable option...but we wont see this tech take off until 2019

cherrypie3422d ago


Do you need everything explained to you *all the time*?

Here's a newsflash: Project Natal makes that $20k touchscreen go away.

Windows 7 || Xbox 360 + Surface Runtime + Natal == What you see there.

JokesOnYou3422d ago

Sure this would make great games but thats really not the focus for this tech, currently its almost exclusively built as a product for big business, I think theres already deals with hotel chains etc. The tech is waaay to expensive right now for anybody except the rich, but its would be awesome for gaming nonetheless, right now this is just a way for micro to show off using this game.


BiggCMan3422d ago

u say why would we expect less because its microsoft? are u serious? microsoft has been beatin in so sooooooo many ways man, and not just in the gaming industry, linux is better than windows, but not as popular, the ipod destroys there dumb little zune, the ps2 was way better than the xbox, the ps3 is better than the 360, console wise, and with games its just a matter of opinion. but i will say that u are ignorant when u say sonys lineup is weak from now till 2010, there are amazing games coming to the ps3 and psp and even some good stuff for the ps2 people out there, and there are things in every genre for every age group and every type of gamer out there so stop being a damn ignorant fanboy like the rest of the world, look at microsoft for what they really are. money hungry bastards that cant come up with a damn thing by themselves.

Billabong3422d ago

So Mr_Controversy, where does Sony's line up for 2009 fit into this - being an article about MS's only decent piece of hardware for quite some time.. Bashing Sony in an article about HARDWARE is also pretty dumb if you ask me, being that they are one of the top brands in this field and probably the most innovative. And cherrypie, you honestly think every 360 owner will afford Natal and this touchscreen to play with.. I for one highly doubt that.

TheRealSpy023422d ago

now sure who gave you the disagree...though i'd guess it's a ps3 fanboy that probably follows you around just to give you disagrees.

you're right though. this hardware is not meant for the home. but i don't think it's limited to big business either. this will be the kind of thing you'll find at internet cafe's and other types of local businesses in a few years.

but yeah, the game is obviously just a demonstration of what the thing is capable of. they aren't trying to make this the new gaming machine.

did look pretty cool though.

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Mo0eY3422d ago

I can totally see this is as the future of the RTS genre and Puzzle genre.

Other than that, every other genre requires buttons.

Xi3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

buttons can always be mapped to the screen or hud.

Disagrees? wtf.

kewlkat0073422d ago

Napoleon Bonaparte would be

This is just's taking a while for this to debut.

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