Why wait? E3's hottest games reviewed now by GamesRadar - part 3

Every game looks great in screenshots and trailers. Do you really want to wait four months before finding out the game you've been lusting after actually sucks and just got its face rocked off by some other game? Of course not. That's why GamesRadar is here. They've played everything at E3, and this is what they're rating each game in its current state, right here and now. Let's get it on.

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Sunny_D3427d ago

All the games mentioned should fare well in critics. Unlike (if I'm correct) Gamedaily who said that Killzone 2 would get a 6 out of 10. I guess they fail! Unless it was GamesRadar who said that then, whatever... atleast they chose wisely this time.

Ziriux3427d ago

This is a great article nice reviews fellas.