GameZone Preview: ModNation Racers

LittleBig Planet set the tone for a new ideology at SCEA with it's 'Play, Create, Share' backdrop, enabling users to customize content within the context of the game, and not only play as a totally individual character but to also share creations online.

At E3 in Los Angeles, the second game carrying that banner forward was announced and during a meeting with SCEA Wednesday, more details on ModNation Racers were revealed.

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Cajun Chicken3476d ago

This could be pretty big, I like it. Very Trackmania but without outright stealing, does make one wonder why they didn't just make the ingame avatars Sackboy and just market it as a LBP franchise game.

Rigmaster3476d ago

The start of the demo seemed very average to me. And then it just got better and better as they showed off the mod tools.

Probably won't have the same broad appeal and huge sales as Little Big Planet. The name of the game and art style and more realistic weapons most likely aren't going to be as friendly to female gamers the way LBP is.

Regardless it looks to be a fantastic title.

crck3475d ago

They better not forgot to include 4 player split screen. Otherwise I'm pretty much sold.