US PlayStation Store Update: June 4, 2009 (the whole week)

SCRAWL: "This week's PlayStation Store update is loaded with content thanks to this week's E3 taking place in Los Angeles, there are tons of new games, demos and especially videos for your gaming and viewing pleasure. First off, Final Fantasy VII, Medal of Honor and Street Fighter Alpha 2 all hit the PSone Classics service. CellFactor, Trash Panic and Wolfenstein 3D are all released as downloadable games, and CellFactor, Fight Night Round 4 and Overlord II all get their own demos. It seems the number three is favored here."

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butterfinger3422d ago

Sony has really been bringing the PSOne classics as they said they would. I can't wait to get MGS in a couple of weeks!

KillaManiac3421d ago

ya...I just bought FFvII for my PSP tonight!

Update made me sad though, was rumored there would be a Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 demo tonight.

Vicophine3422d ago

When I get my PS3 back from my girlfriend (been 50 days without the black beauty, talking about the PS3 XD), I'm downloading FFVII and MOH :D

Rofflecopter3421d ago

Why did you let her steal it? My girlfriend stole mine once for LittleBig, but I at least had a 360 and wii to keep me busy..

Vicophine3421d ago

I let her borrow it because she has nothing else to get on the internet off of. Yes, she has no PC :/

Mindboggle3421d ago

lol why has she got internet if she has no PC or any internet device ?

maniacmayhem3421d ago

Vagrant Story
Parasite Eve
Vandel Hearts!


butterfinger3421d ago

have to at least give us Parasite Eve. Come on, Sony! :D

thereapersson3421d ago

Don't forget Einhander!

Square needs to bring more of its classic games to the PSN, instead of wasting their time wallowing in mediocrity with their current-generation lineup.

gamesmaster3421d ago

vagrant story... love that game.. i need a tissue.

Wolf8733421d ago

Dino Crisis
Resident Evil 3
Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver

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thereapersson3421d ago

Wolfenstein 3D? Nice!

CellFactor sounds interesting as well. I think I'll have to spend the next few hours checking stuff out.

The_Kills3421d ago

Where is the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 demo you were boasting about huh?

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