Vidzone is now available, apparently.

According to the official playstation website vidzone is now available to all. Unfortunatly Sony seem to have taken the page down. Luckly we have google for evidence.

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cornblaster7773474d ago

what a lie.
i dont see the vidzone app anywhere.

BrunoM3474d ago

You do know these is only in the uk for now right ?

jaferris3474d ago

EU only and only few places at that
official launch is June 11th

talltony3474d ago

you do know that I can download it from my Euro account?

timestoby3474d ago

wot is it? i have really been payn attention lol. just rent movs etc. i think most just pirate bay it etc if uk would get it first. you know we get shiite on always lol just playn

jaferris3474d ago

read this article from the new official sony Europe blog
basically think a better version of youtube on you ps3
will be able to watch music videos for free
but if want them on your mobile or to download then you will have to pay

sinncross3474d ago

The service allows you to stream music videos... for free :D

Fishy Fingers3474d ago

vidzone grants you access to thousands of music tracks/music videos from which you can create custom playlists. Nothing to do with movies or downloading torrents! Is google really such a struggle for you?

jaferris3474d ago

official launch is june 11th
so wont have long too wait

jaferris3474d ago

this service is going to be awesome :)
be able to watch alot of music videos for free
then the option to buy them if want to save the to your HDD or Mobile


please read the EU blog post

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