AMD upgrades dual-core Opteron chip to 3GHz

AMD has begun shipping two 3GHz versions of its dual-core Opteron chip to server vendors, continuing a battle over multicore processing power with Intel.

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whengeeksgobad4266d ago

Intel has been shipping dual core [email protected] 3 ghz for nearly a year, and have started shipping the 8 core xeons as well. thsi isn't a "battle" its a game of catchup.

Previously I wasn't a big intel fan but I must admit, their multi-core chips are very impressive.

gta_cb4266d ago

i have always been an AMD fan. i am only running a single core processor at the moment, BUT it runs smooth and yet i have other computers in my house which are brothers etc and i keep having problems with them etc.

i spose i am a little biased towards AMD, but if i am proven wrong and that Intel have finally got there ASS into gear! then well maybe i will prefer Intel in future :)

Says you4266d ago

Makes chips for different companys and plus much faster than any chip to.

sovietsoldier4265d ago

but do they always have to cost so much money?

Shaka2K64265d ago

I wish my Vaio ran AMD and not craptel its really slow and it heats alot and it sucks at playing computer games.

zonetrooper54262d ago

Intel's Dual Core processors are at the moment beating AMD's processors by a mile. Also you can overclock the Intel Dual Core processors up to 4GHz without producing too much heat. Also, the Cell is not that great and is gonna be outdated in like a year's time. Dual and Quad cores are coming and are getting cheaper.

As for now, buy an Intel Dual Core, its the best processor out there at the moment and its great for overclocking.