Top 10 Worst Fanboys

The ten worst fanboys, includes Pokemon fanboys, World of Warcraft fanboys, and Sega Fanboys.

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DDP3422d ago

Sega fans number 1? WTF? Pokemon fans are way worse.

Buttons3422d ago

I swear to God I've seen this same damn list months ago on old-wizard..

Eddie201013422d ago

Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony all tied for number one.

PrimordialSoupBase3422d ago

Me and my wife Charizard agree.

3422d ago
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RKRigney3422d ago

Depends where you're at. Here at N4G every conversation is ruined by fanboys. Sony could've announced absolutely nothing at their E3 press conference and people here would've still said theirs was better than Microsoft. 1UP has an intelligent, fair community though.

MEsoJD3422d ago

would of put Mac fans at number 1 : p

SinnedNogara3422d ago

The MART at Xboxkings isn't here?? Epic Fail!!!


BLuKhaos3421d ago

I disagree;Xboxers are the worse because they want every thing for themselves but are not willing to share what's theirs, and on top of that they throw hissy fits when they don't get what they want(PS exclusives and a reliable console).Those greedy little green bastards make me sick!

Jecht3421d ago

Did you just say that 1up has a fair and intelligent community?

You haven't been there very long have you? That site is PLAGUED by 360 fanbots. Has been since the 360 was released. I was on 1up since the beginning of the previous gen. THAT'S when it had an intelligent and fair community. People discussed games, not consoles. But now? How the hell can you say that with a straight face?

Please tell me you're joking or are being sarcastic, because that is seriously utter B.S.

And if you don't believe me, look up a user by the name Pyro's_ass_is_mine, or erok8150a (or any of the erok's since he has multiple accounts), or benderbreaks.

Once you find them, then tell me that the site is fair and intelligent.

Shadow Flare3421d ago

I don't like 360 fanboys but at least they defend something that has good games and has some cool things about it. What i can't stand are wii fanboys. I mean what the hell are they fanboys of?!?

JaPo3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

I call BS on this list.

I mean, no top 10 can ever be complete without Morganfell, Why dis, GWAVE and I did not murder him included.

That's Old-Wizard's credibility down the drain.

Sony fanboys make up the vast majority of N4G's userbase. It's really not a good thing.

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lonz3583422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

How about sony fan boys? well not really but most on this site are imo

EDIT: I clicked the link you had and I would hate to be stuck on an elevator with that guy lol oh and see what I told y'all

Hixon4Life3422d ago

Sony Defence Force comes to mind...

-chaz-3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Sony fanboys are pretty rampant on this site, but it's the Wii ones who are always best for a chuckle.

SaberEdge3422d ago

PS3 fanboys make me laugh the most, so I guess they win.

I love my PS3, but the fanboys have got to be one of the most delusional bunch.

MEsoJD3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Wii fans are the most funny out of the three: so delusional and have nothing to back up their claims. lol that sidar kid is the funniest

At least PS3 and 360 fans have good games they can throw at each other.

SinnedNogara3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

No, Xbox fanboys are the worse.

Theonik3421d ago

Nintendo fans are the funniest just check this guy at CVG.
Seriously check out his posts.

N4g_null3421d ago

I find the sony and xbox fanboys entertaining. There is a mix of nintendo fanboys on both sides also so laughing at the nintendo fanboys is like laughing at you past.

Yet the ones that post here are more in line with real console gaming rather than hype and arguing who is better.

Sure the Wii is not the most powerful. That's not what games are all about is it?
The stagnation thing is so far from the truth though. Nintendo is the last place where people can be creative and make games and get them to the most people.
Nintendo losing the hardcore I can agree on this. The new gen of hardcore ,even the ones who agree with and think that the new generation of hardcore are just like the old hardcore , must realize that they are in fact not hardcore. They still buy maybe more games but they are in adult comic book phase and true hardcore gaming is about skill.
When I think about the people on this site I see fanboys... that is not hardcore, they are more casual than any thing else and they are more of a critique than any thing else. I'm seeing more complaints rather than valid reason why they like certain games.

KruLLit3421d ago

Playstation 3 is a great console, but the fans...

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NIGHT_HAWK32103421d ago

f*ck ps3 fanboys. they should have been number 1. i own a ps3 and i cant believe that there are so many idiots out there that treat the ps3 like some kind of god. if you dont jerk off on the ps3, the fanboys bash you. one thing said bad about ps3, even if its true, the ps3 fanboys on this site clammer to give you disagrees and take bubbles. just a bunch of f*cking immature fa**ots.

i dont see that kind of reaction from the xbox fanboys.

Volvobug3422d ago

Are there even sega fanboys in existence anymore?

mintaro3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

I think this speaks for itself.

JOLLY13422d ago

I actually feel bad for the little guy

SaberEdge3422d ago

Yep, that's the prototypical PS3 fanboy right there.

Not PS3 fan, mind you, PS3 FANBOY. I'm a PS3 fan myself.

ButterToast3422d ago

::Shutters:: god I couldn't watch the whole thing.

anyway I think Final Fantasy fanboys should have been on that list.

Eiffel3422d ago

So that's what they look like in the wild, I swore I saw one try to attack a blu-ray stand like a hungry animal stalking its prey at Best Buy. Security had to bust out the cattle prods and quickly subdue the fanboy.

Ah, lulz day indeed.

thereapersson3422d ago

Except that whole video is completely satire, you dolt. Just like what The Onion does, that video was meant as a joke.

I hope you understand that... but I have a feeling none of you guys do. Why so serious?

Rofflecopter3422d ago

haha omfg, I've never seen that! i just died laughing!

"I dont know how much you know about japanese culture, I'm an expert"

haha great stuff, he should apply for a job with the onion

SinnedNogara3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

You think that's bad.

BLuKhaos3421d ago

You guys fail miserably for not even mentioning this guy.

streety519a3421d ago

All those guys must have multiple accounts on this site!

KnowitAll3421d ago

Hardcore/Ps3 Fanboys for the win!!

n4f3421d ago

oh no square enix better do something that guy wont buy his copy ff13 this could lead to desaster/
anybody sawthe [email protected] 1.4 and notice something?
yeah i not lost 1 but 2 bubble. that confirm my list

36T3421d ago

CaseyRybak_CPO. Is that you? Now it all seems to make sense.

BLuKhaos3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

...or maybe you're too stupid to realize that you posted the same comment twice thus making it seem like you lost more than what you really did.Damned Wiitard.

JaPo3421d ago

This is almost as funny as all of you tossers thinking Chadwardenn was real, too.

The sad thing is, there are real people like this on N4G; and they're utterly unaware of it.

Obama3421d ago

Here's your 360 fanboy, but most of them are in jail XD.

n4f3420d ago

wow calm down.dont be mad because of the list. did i offend ur fanboy heart?its was only a joke.
what? im a wiitard? ill take it has a compliment.
see now he mod has delete my comment. you feel better now? want me to change ur diaper?

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