Microsoft Releases More Info on Forza 2

Forza 2 Demo Update, More Cars Revealed, Pre-Orders On Pace to Double Original Forza Motorsport.

Microsoft has released some new information concerning their upcoming Xbox 360 racer, Forze Motorsport 2. Soon you'll be able to take the game for a test drive on Xbox LIVE Marketplace – the rumors this week of a downloadable demo are true, details on timing will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

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BIGBAER4274d ago

Explode upon the gaming world! Forza 2 will earn the respect of console racing fans and convert many who've never really been fans of the genre.

Forza 2 has something for just about eveyone: great racing challenge, extreme levels of simulation, insane levels of customization; an auction house, LIVE,tv-like presentation and viewing, and more than enough cars to satisfy exotic car and racing fans of all flavors!

I can't wait!

JOLLY14274d ago

I have 2 copies on preorder. One for the LCD windshield and one for the 7" LCD rearview! I is happy (yes, I know it's I am...happy)

grifter0244274d ago

This game is going to be good. I cant wait for this game.... Cant wait to play the demo at least that will satisfy my thirst for Forza for a while..... Hmm wonder if my car will be in Forza Then I can see which Parts to get so I can get the most out of my Car... Without actually buying each and every part to see which one is the best..... Cant wait.

JOLLY14274d ago

My car is in it (big smile)

Spartan154274d ago

I'm really looking forward to seeing this game.

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