GameSpot: Afrika First Impressions

GameSpot writes: "We're not sure if Afrika will be as revolutionary as they claim, but it is a fun concept and could be a useful learning tool for those who have the patience and the motivation to learn the techniques of becoming a wildlife photographer. Even if you're not into the photography aspect, this could be like a virtual zoo instead where you could just scope out big kitties all day. If you're itching to camp out in a virtual tree to wait for that perfect sunset shot, then look for Afrika when it is released in August on the PlayStation 3".

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StanSmith3425d ago

I imported the english version from last year and boy was it worth it. If you ever feel that you want to play a game thats relaxing with no pressure, then get this.

The idea of just taking photos does sound boring however i guarantee that you wont be able to put it down once you start playing.

However if you only play shooters then stay far away but if your like me and enjoy all genres of games then i cant recommend this game enough!

TomMcBaum3425d ago

My kids (6 and 8) like the game, and so does my wife. That suggests that it will be fairly successful, at least to the "casual" audience. Eye-candy buffs -- especially those with Great Big TVs -- will probably like to show it off to friends, too.