GameZone: Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising Preview

GameZone writes: "Dragon Rising is shaping up to be a fine console iteration of the popular franchise and one that fans of the uber-hardcore realism should want to check out. Look for it to release this fall".

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ASSASSYN 36o3424d ago

Only for the hardcore. Cry babys need not apply.

BadKarmaSutra963424d ago

Gonna be fun killing halo monkeys trying to play this game *muuahhaa*

Turntable Jack3424d ago

To be honest, I am looking forward to this game than any other game on all three consoles. Seriously.

This will rock.

XLiveGamer3424d ago

This game is going to rule with arma on his side on consoles. Its all about tellin everybody on your list the big difference between this, Arma and the other Hollywood FPS war games.

Wow one thing is for sure this year. Im going to lose My job, my girl and my savings and end up broke in front of a Samsung 32" LCD 1080p because of all this games this year.