Official Nintendo Magazine rates The Conduit

Nintendo Power's review of The Conduit was revealed a few weeks ago, which was the first score to be released. Now the UK Official Nintendo Magazine has provided their own review of the title.

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knox3427d ago

Wow thats kind of disapointing

GFahim3427d ago

im still getting it though. its just one guy's opinion. look at no more heroes that was rated 7.9 by ign yet everyone loved that game

pixelsword3426d ago

...for thinking for yourself.

The 10th Rider3425d ago

But from an IGN (professional) review it'd be something like this:
Graphics 10
Presentation 7-10
Gameplay 6-9 (doesn't bring anything new so 10 would be unexpected)
Sounds 6-10 (from the trailer's they look pretty good)
Lasting appeal 7-10 (it has online multiplayer)

so that's an average of 7ish - 9.8ish. I'm guessing becuase of the custom controls gameplay will get an 8, it's well presented (you shoot aliens) so I'd give presentation a 9, from the trailers is looks like it has good sounds so I'd give sounds a 8, and it has good online multiplayer so lasting appeal should get an 8. That's an average of 8.2, I could understand an 8, but a 7.6?

Smacktard3427d ago

I don't understand how it gets a 76/100 when, in the review, the pros BY FAR outweigh the cons.

dogmeat eater3427d ago

I never seen anything to special about this game.

Smacktard3427d ago

I never said it was. I don't know how the game is, because I've never played it. But when the review cites pros such as "Varied, enjoyable weaponry, assured shooting gameplay, and darty, nippy plot pacing" and cons such as "repetitive action and dodgy grenade mechanic" does the game really deserve a 24 point deduction?

badz1493427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

come on...there are more far advance and beautiful FPS games than conduit on 360 and PS3! getting 76% is already generous enough! I know this is on the Wii but it's a FPS nonetheless! so, the unintentional comparison between this and those on 360 and PS3 is inevitable.

somekindofmike3426d ago

@ badz149

What do visuals have to do with the overall quality of the game?

badz1493426d ago

but if you yourself is reviewing the game, won't you be thinking of other better FPS? in terms of what is being offered, it's lacking behind those on HD consoles.

SuperM3426d ago

Id say repetetive action definately warants a high deduction from the game score. Besides scores in general are way to inflated. 76/100 is supposed to be a good score, but unless it gets a 9/10 people seem to think its average. I dont see any reason to whine over this.

The 10th Rider3419d ago

If you're reviewing Halo won't you be thinking "This would be some much better with bluetooth, like Metroid Prime 3"? in terms of what is being offered, Halo lacks bluetooth.

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condorstrike3427d ago

guess nintendo is not happy that their own games score low, so now they have to do that with averyone?

Nugan3427d ago

Wait, what?

I know I am just letting myself be baited, but what games are you referring to?

Other than the minor fiasco that is Wii Music, has any game that Nintendo published this generation scored below a 70 on Metacritic? (Maybe New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis.)

And most of their legitimate high profile titles are well above 80.

Even publications that hold Nintendo's new "big tent" strategy in contempt nearly always praise their games, particularly the new entries in their major franchises.

dragonyght3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

ouch there were trying so hard

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