So Who Won E3? The Gamers or ...

Koku Gamer writes: "E3 is back, with a vengeance. E3 was in desperate need of something special and Microsoft and Sony delivered. So who won the show? Who were the winners at E3?"

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Fullish3427d ago

What about the gamers with only a Wii?

Ziriux3427d ago

They had a good showing, the battle has always been between Sony and MS when it comes to their respective consoles.

Kain813427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Golden Sun for DS and Project M (METROID PRIME)
But i hoped for some Info about the rumored games like Zelda, Kid Icarus, Star Fox, Donkey Kong Country 4, Sadness and so on but nothing of them was mentioned for the Wii.

Cinotix3427d ago

Indeed Kain, Metroid was a real shocker, you'd think that Nintendo wouldn't show anything that is big, but that took me by surprise. Lets face it though Nintendo didn't bring a whole lot comparing to MS and Sony.

Ziriux3427d ago

Come on my brother, they brought plenty of fun games, such as i don't know Mario Galaxy 2, you watched the show with me you should know.

s8anicslayer3427d ago

I'm looking forward to Playing the new Super Mario Bros. I loved it on the DS and it should be even better on the Wii

Smacktard3427d ago

Well, the Wii had more interesting games revealed for the first time for it. I can't really think of many games that Sony or Microsoft revealed... Cliffy's game which glitched out, MGS for PSP, FFXIV, and that awesome-looking PS3 racing game. They're going to be good, I imagine.

Also, Recon and Kojima's 360 game, but those weren't really shown. That's like saying Zelda.

Ziriux3427d ago

Are you serious? What about Uncharted 2, God of War III, FF XIV, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Forza 3, The Last Guaridan, man do I need to go on.

JsonHenry3427d ago

In all reality - no one really "won". Almost nothing mentioned that is "big" is even coming out this year.

The only big things hitting this year are multi-plat titles.

All Time Greatness3427d ago

Menoyou is trying to hard. Obviously.

IdleLeeSiuLung3427d ago

Well, the Nintendo Wii owners get the vitality thing-a-ma-jig. Isn't that what Wii owners bought their console for? A bunch of accessories. Enjoy!

Heck, I own one and frankly other than the occasional hardcore title like Mad World, Muramasa and TvC there really isn't much else that interest me.

ButterToast3427d ago

nintendo actually had a fairly good showing. Seriously New super mario bros wii, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Golden Sun DS, Mario Galaxy 2, and Metroid project M. they just f'ed it up by boreing everyone with teeny-bop games a good portion of the conference.

the speakers didn't help either, they should get some people that are actually interesting to listen to. both MS and Sony had good speakers.

Sarcasm3427d ago

"Forza 3 delivers the thrills our competition can't. FORZA 3 IS THE DEFINITIVE RACING GAME FOR THIS GENERATION. Forza 3 is the BEST looking racing game on ANY console. FORZA 3 IS THE DEFINITIVE RACING GAME FOR THIS GENERATION. Forza 3 is the BIGGEST racing game of this generation. FORZA 3 IS THE DEFINITIVE RACING GAME FOR THIS GENERATION. Forza 3 brings you what NO OTHER racing game can. FORZA 3 IS THE DEFINITIVE RACING GAME FOR THIS GENERATION. The best graphics and physics. The hottest cars. FORZA 3 IS THE DEFINITIVE RACING GAME."

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Kugar773427d ago

haven't heard that before...

Ziriux3427d ago

Nintendo fan? Cause as much as I love my Wii and all the IP's, it's felt like a "yawn" watching the conference out of all three I watched.

Kugar773427d ago

i was yawning at the fact that the real winners were the gamers...gimme a break, thats like the default response for these kind of stories

WengYong3427d ago

The reason the article says that both won is because both were good. Last year Sony got pwned by Microsoft, however this year they matched them.

Not everything on n4g has to be flamebait. In fact a non flamish article every now and then is just what n4g needs.

Reibooi3427d ago

I will say that the gamers did certainly win this E3 this fall and winter is gonna be jam packed with great game releases which is great news for everyone.

As far as who won out of the big three I have to say Sony. They had more games that interested me and there motion control is far more practical then Project Natal which aside from Milo is nothing but a very fancy eye toy. It seems Sony's motion control has some uses in real gaming and is much closer to actual release if the on stage demo was anything to go by.

The announcement of Final Fantasy XIV was also quite the shock. I have to say that being a Final Fantasy XI player for 5 years I am very interested in Final Fantasy XIV and hope it will be everything I want it to be and more.

Ziriux3427d ago

Yea this year easily reminds me of 2006/2007, when a great amount of titles came out and we went broke. Heck even Holiday 2008 was great with Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead, Fable 2, Farcry 2 and few other original IP's came out.

Icemael3427d ago

I'm thoroughly enjoying this year's E3. Too bad it'll be over in a short while...

Ziriux3427d ago

I swear it feels like the Olympics, you are highly anticipating this even and it's over in mere moments. Each year get's you more excited.

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