Will Blaster Coming

With the announcement of Resident Evil 4 and Umbrella Chronicles for the Wii, coupled with the still unreleased Virtual Console titles Duck Hunt and Hogan's Alley, it's time to start asking, "Where's the Wii Zapper?" Gamestop has listed the Wii Blaster for $20 a placeholder date of May 1. Although, this isn't necessarily the most improbable date with the Resident Evil games expected to have a summer release.

The Gamestop listing has no photo of the what the Zapper Blaster looks like now. The last time we saw her she was behind glass at E3 with a "work in progress" sign.

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kewlkat0074269d ago

these types of shooting games were long dead..

Nintendo knows how to rejuvenate old genres and simple but fun games..

Talking about re-inventing the past..

ITR4268d ago

Namco is bringing Time Crisis to the PS3 and it comes with the Guncon.

I hope the new ver of Duck Hunt comes with the zapper/blaster option.

XerockX4268d ago

My son and I still love playing blster games togerther HOD/Silent Scope. Can't wait for the wii blaster will be a blast!!!dee-de-dee!
Seriously though,A lot of people still love playing shooting games with a gun.(and why wouldn't we,DDR wouldn't be cool if you couldn't use your legs) Sometimes I just get bored with the same old dual stick shooters. Anybody remember Mad Dog McCree? Totally cool-just blasting drunk cowboys and the bottles and the undertaker? There's a lot of fun to be had with toy guns-ask any 9 year old boy.

ChickeyCantor4268d ago

nintendo should convince namco to make a time crisis for the Wii.

like cartman: that would be awwwwwwsummmmm

ItsDubC4268d ago

Since Nintendo and Sega are buddy-buddy now, I'd also like to see the Virtua Cop series make a Wii appearance. I wish I still had my Saturn so I could play right now =(

ChickeyCantor4268d ago

they should make an arcade bundel with lots of games like these:P they are all great.

DaTrooF4268d ago

i cant wait to get my hand on one of those and see how this nintendo,wheres SSBB?