Opinion: E3 could probably use a little more GameCock

From Gamertell's opinion piece:

"GameCock's indie, anti-E3 antics simultaneously exemplified why the ESA needed to tone down the event while kicking the event's excitement level up a notch. At E3, the scantily-clad ladies, outrageously expensive booths and after hours parties were simply too much and needed to be toned down (GameCock parodied those elements on a much less expensive level). Unfortunately, those were some of the very aspects that helped E3 get the attention of the non-gaming world while also perpetuating the Expo's reputation for becoming the ultimate game-a-bration.

Simply put, the ESA over reacted and used too large a broom to clean up the Expo, causing companies to bow out the next year (2008) and bringing down the overall excitement level of Expo attendees and game fans. That wasn't good for the industry, which is why GameCock tried to re-inject the Expo with its own brand of bird flu for those two years."

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