Peter Molyneux showed milo to Miyamoto

Peter Molyneux: " Wow I am tired now been demoing all day showed milo to miyamoto only 12 more demos to go"

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qface643426d ago

wow why does this get its own post?

ShabzS3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

I dont think thats molyneux

Edit: cancelled my report seems like it is the real molyneux

Montreafart3426d ago

Rofl Miyamoto is not impressed.

At all.

Hahaha what does that tell you huh.

Tony Hawk not impressed with Natal
EA not impressed with Natal
Miyamoto not impressed


Timesplitter143426d ago

I have a great idea : ban Twitter from the internet

Megaton3426d ago


I cringe when I hear people talking about 'tweets'. Media's been riding Twitter hard the past couple months. They can't get enough.

LightofDarkness3426d ago

Yeah, it's a media controlled fad. It's because they've always been late to the party regarding other internet fads so they've decided to hop on a bandwagon really early and just push it.

NMC20073426d ago

I can't remember the last time I was impressed by Miyamoto.

Mr_Controversy3426d ago

Facebook = lame & same.

Twitter = Hack video cams

Myspace = Celebrity network

Skype = WTF?

LightofDarkness3426d ago

I actually use Skype at work. It's a great way to communicate/collaborate and send files quickly and directly. I also use it to chat to friends. Heck I've been using it since college. Although yes, MySpace has lost all meaning and I hated it in the first place, in Ireland people use a thing called Bebo which is essentially the same bloody trap. That and Facebook. F**k Facebook.

Mo0eY3425d ago

Why put Skype in the social networking category is beyond me...

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