Uncharted 2: "Absolutely Solid" - P8I Beta Impressions

For a beta, the visuals continue to impress (As if anything else could have been expected after the beauty of the first game). The game runs smooth, and the familiar control mechanics translate perfectly well into competitive and cooperative online play.

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Spike473515d ago

good times ahead with Uncharted 2 :)

Cwalat3515d ago

Absolutely Solid is an understatement. =)

BrunoM3515d ago

didnt think i was going to have as much fun as i did with the beta ..

the map i like the mos is the night one is fun man ... every one has to play these gane .. (if the beta is these fun the full game is gonna rock)

ShabzS3515d ago

i gotta say this game looked really good at sony's keynote... especially the part in the begining where he was climbing down the building i was like in awe at the background

Snoozer2823515d ago

It's also a poor use of language. It's simply 'solid,' nothing can be absolutely solid, it's implied in the word.

Montrealien3515d ago

yep, nothing but good vibes for me on this game, absolutely loving this beta! Gears of war online + Uncharted + chuck the treasure on the second floor to win = wiin!

Ju3515d ago

That treasure hunt is my favorite. Especially because you have to throw it to get to the goal. But I see a problem coming up here: "Treasure Campers". Because someone needs to be at the treasure box to deliver the "flag", you could simply wait until someone throws it up there and you get the point.

badz1493515d ago

but I'm not the lucky ones to get into the beta. but it's ok because I don't want to spoil the full game experience later! as long as I know that there are others in the beta and they love it, I'm convinced! just like when KZ2 was still in the beta. plus, this is ND, there's no way you can go wrong with them!

BrunoM3515d ago

i agree with that i love that map but every time i take it up some one else is there and puts it in lol...

i mean it sucks but hey the beta is for something right ? ...

plus they have to make the kill limit go up .

gta28003515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

The beta is awesome!

I have an extra beta code, first person to message me gets it.

Edit: Code gone.

cmrbe3515d ago

Gt2800 for the beta Key :).

Rainstorm813515d ago

after playing the beta I am sure that this game will be GotY.

Stellar Online + Amazing Single player = GotY

Hopefully everyone dosent jump on the FPS bandwagon this year.

GameGambits3514d ago

Seriously I see no one has anything but praise for the beta if they are in it, but I'm wondering how much time you've all spent with it.

I'm currently almost level 22 and I have found 2 glitches and other issues. 1 glitch on Plaza lets you go get stuck into a rock formation in one of the spawns...lucky I had a nade to kill myself both times it happened to me. The other glitch I found was someone taking cover on an object middle of the street in The Village, and even though you pumped him full of bullets and blood came out---he didn't take damage.

You also tend to get stuck on cover you don't want to get stuck on to often. Such as you hitting up on left stick + O button to slide around the corner of a sandbag, and instead you get stuck on the side of it. Also if you start to get shot at and you want to roll away 7/10 times you will get stuck on the nearest wall or whatever making you a sitting target.

The sniper rifle needs more ammo in it. Even with bandoleer I only get 10 bullets. The AK sucks compared to the Flail and the M4. The submachine gun pistol is WAAAAAY too inacurate.

Also, if I'm not mistaken the game isn't on dedicated servers it seems. If I'm wrong on that sue me, because it's hard to tell, being I have had bullet lag before in games.

Despite all these things I've come across---this beats Gears of War 2 anyday for a cover online shooter. I played Gears of War 1 for 6 months and Gears 2 for 1 month, and this seems like a game I could invest as much time as I had Gears 1.

I'm sold on this. Day 1 buy-Midnight release! :D

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Wildarmsjecht3515d ago

The beta is phenomenal. I cannot wait for the full game.

ultimolu3515d ago

I am playing tonight! :D

lokiroo4203515d ago

The coop rocks, the death match rocks, plunder rocks, hard to walk away, very hard.

raztad3515d ago

I know what you mean, but inFAMOUS took me away. That game is too fun :D

Montrealien3515d ago

so I have only played deathmatch and plunder, did I miss something, their is a co-op in the beta also? will be checking custom games tonight I guess.

Ju3515d ago

Yep, co-op is there, too. The level we have seen in the videos. Right in the beginning you choose co-op or competitive.

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SmokingMonkey3515d ago

Uncharted2 works so well in multiplayer, especially Co-op. Watching your teammates shimming over from below is really cool.

Graphics are stunning.

I hope for more multiplayer skins, too many Drakes running around