G4TV Press Conference Grades

G4TV: Now that Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have had their E3 2009 press conferences (and all of us have had time to digest the hours of information delivered), I thought it would be a good idea to take a look back at this year's pressers, analyze them, and assign letter grades.

Microsoft: B+
Nintendo: C
Sony : B-

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XxSpiiKeZxX3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

wow MS showed project natal sony showed motion control lets say itz even and then what
sony's exclusives teared down what MS showed

i bet G4 counted too much on the price drop

i mean sure SONY had a longer conference but just b/c of losing points on dragging with psp, PSP is part of SONY and the only thing MS can showcse is for its 360 and thatz it

Marcelles253475d ago

i think microsoft did better they kept you entertained they showed new things they just had it all together

sony's conference was BORING when they were just talking as far as showing actual media sony had better content but they never went in depth with any of there games the just showed demo's

im not a Microsoft fanboy i just think microsoft did better

40cal3475d ago

That's funny bro, because I thought that Micorsoft's conference was boring. Sony's got me all kinds of pumped up, they just have higher quality content for the Playstation family of products.

gintoki7773475d ago

well we knew about most of the things from sony so less shock factor.

if sony focused on mostly their games and not showed motion control for 30 minutes it wouldve been much better.

lets just wait until tokyo game show I really want to see how final fantasy 13 versus and 13 will be by then. plus maybe some mgs rising footage 0.0
it was a good show this year microsoft was just way more flashier than sony

Rigmaster3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Nintendo C
Sony A-
Microsoft D

Nintendo did all right. Better than last year. Too much more of the same.

Sony, of course, dominated with what matters most - exclusive games. Multiple megatons, GoW3 live demo, UC2 live demo, amazing lagfree 256 player MAG live demo. Too much time wasted on AC2. Price cut would have earned them an A. FFVII remake A+.

Microsoft got humiliated like no other company in E3 history. Their one 'big' game gets disowned by the series creator making it clear he has nothing to do with it. Me too motion controls with no games, no showfloor demo, a late next year ETA. Bright spot> Crackdown 2 exclusive savaged the conference fiasco.

Mindboggle3475d ago

I Agree with this. Microsoft had a slight edge over Sony by default due to project natal, and some great games to complement it. No matter how you all see it...

xwabbit3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

How is changing the name of ps eye to project natal innovative and new ?

eagle213475d ago

I'm STILL watching their e3 on my PS3. Their games blow away anything at E3. If you look at what adam and kevin said immediately following Sony on G4TV it's an A. Kevin said it was the best 1:1 motion he ever saw. God of War III wipes the floor with anything from MS. The Last Guardian wipes the floor with Nintendo. Uncharted 2 demo was better than alan wake demo by miles. New Rockstar exclusive with FFXIV was better than a multiplat. PSP Go! was easily best new hardware. Gran Turismo PSP, Metal Gear: Peacewalker, and Resident Evil upstaged DS. Gran Turismo 5 makes forza look like a arcade racer. My lord. :)

AnttiApina3475d ago

My God... This site is really filled with brainwashed fanboys...
They just can't think that something else is better in someones opinion.


FamilyGuy3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

I agree on that, those guy didn't or shouldn't have been up there demoing the product. They were either camera shy or unready but the hardware was definitely ready to be shown (minus its aesthetic beauty)

It would made more sens if them and "Kudo" were switch. He ha confidence in an unready product and they didn't have confidence in a completely working product.

I don't agree with the grades though, if they went on the PS store and saw what sony gave us E3 wise they'd give sony an A+ INSTANTLY.

Blaze9293475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

It's crazy. Mostly with sony fanboys. You dont see Nintendo/Xbox fanoys complaining about this at all becuase no one cares but with Sony and a B-, a freaking B- people are going nuts; mainly becuase Microsoft got a +...a freaking +!

Who cares. You thought such and such rocked the event then continue to think so. Now let the disagrees roll in from those very exact people.

TheExecutive3475d ago

Sony's conference was good but it was marred by leaks. The pspGO at 250 bucks? I mean it showed some really great games but I mean the conference was just good. MS's was the same in my book. A little better presented but they spent too much time on project Natal.

Oh, and I can't stand the way Mattrick looks. He looks like a god d*mn pedophile. The creepy uncle if you catch my drift.

All 3 conferences were good.

poindat3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

What? If N4G was North Korea, none of us would have opinions. N4G suffers from the other end of the spectrum, too much free speech. Some people just shouldn't be allowed to express their opinions. Just look at the Open Zone.

I'm being lighthearted here, by the way. Don't jump on me with your opinions on my opinion. Heh.

And @ 1.10

I actually prefer it when a speaker doesn't have rock-solid confidence or control. It makes them feel a whole bunch more down to Earth, rather than robotic and cold.

popup3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Nobodies mind will be changed.

We ALL saw the conferences for ourselves so how can the guy writing this article be any the wiser?

This is officially a waste of time(tm)

... So disagreeing people would much rather have other people to tell them what to think?

All Time Greatness3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Yup I agree with everyone excluding the hardcore Sony fanboy who will pretend Sony won although they did nothing but rip off the Wii and showed 4-5 games we had already seen running on PS3 a months before. Even Last Guardian was seen before. MAG was new but lol....I don't think MAG is something to be bragging about and previews don't look that great. Even FF14 Online is already being talked about for 360. So God of War 3 and Uncharted won the show...that we had already seen and been announced months ago?? Nope.

Microsoft showed 15 news games(amazing looking games and big no one has seen running on XBox 360 or knew about), 1080p XBL Party features, Natal and Milo have made a massive buzz, no one is talking about Sony's Wii-mote. Metal Gear Rising announced on 360's stage and not PS3's, New Halo by Bungie which is so much bigger than anything announced for PS3, Splinter Cell looks amazing, Left 4 Dead 2, Crackdown 2, Forza looks sooo amazing, Alan Wake looks amazing, Halo ODST looks way better than Halo 3....none of it had been seen. Things like Mass Effect 2 not even shown.

Forza was announced in June and is releasing in October. Gran Turismo was announced 4 years ago and still doesn't have a release date and won't even match Forza 3 in features/career/customization.

Microsoft won pretty easily IMO and Sony's conference was boring with nothing new, games we had already seen....and mainly PSP news. I feel like Sony knew it too, they looked nervous and old-fashioned in comparison with Micro's conference.

3475d ago
Ryo-Hazuki3475d ago

WOW i thought it was supposed to be about the games...and they said Microsoft won? lol they have like 4 exclusives while ps3 has like 15 off the bat..

popup3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Sounds like the Xbox 360(tm) is just for you then, 'All Time Greatness'.

Enjoy its cream faceplate wonders...

poindat3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

No new games? Did you even watch the conference? MGS Peace Walker, ModNation Racers, Agent, Final Fantasy XIV, Last Guardian, and Resident Evil PSP.

Those seem like new games to me.

Oh, and MAG was revealed over a year ago. It's not new. I don't understand how you could have gone a year without seeing a single mention of it.

KingME3475d ago

Haha, it's funny you say that, because on N4G most of the time if you say something about the PS3 that's not positive, you practically don't get to express an opinion with getting bombarded with bashes and negative backlashes. Which means the only way you can have an opinion around these guys is ONLY if your opinion matches theirs.

People are always talking about Microsoft copying something, yet no one is saying that the sony motion control is a copy of the wiimote. That's exactly with it is, a copy of the wiimote. And now that the wiimote has motion plus, the are exactly the same.

Dread3475d ago


most professional news outlets think ms won.
it seems that the only ones who do not think ms won are the sony fanboys.


i love n4g..

3475d ago
Delive3475d ago

Sony went in depth with MAG, but that doesn't count.

Other than that, the MS' PROJECT won the hearts of the HARDCORE MS fans? Before, Sony lost because they didn't have the games and too much hype. Now that Sony showed the games, MS won because of a PROJECT? A project they demoed with staged videos, A clumsy break out game and the bottom of an Avitar's shoe. Sony shows an actual, LIVE demonstration of tech that can be implemented today, which superimposes in-game items into a real persons hands real time and it's just second best?

Does anyone remember Eyedentify? A Demo Sony showed years back that has you interacting on screen characters....... Sounds like Milo is not the original after all. Plus, playing with female spies is more cool than playing with a little boy your not related to. That is creepy.

For the record. My honest opinion says MS got a B-, Sony got an A- and Nintendo did not complete.

lowcarb3475d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

Just forget it. There's no point in even giving your opinion because somebody will get offended. Does anyone know of a better site where there are gamers and not fanboys? If someone would start up a real n4g site with a monthly fee? I would join in a heart beat as long as the mod's were not bias and looked out just ban this type of crap. As a matter a fact thats probably the only way to do it.

Rainstorm813475d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

When a company shows 5 times as many games and fanboyism makes them lose a gaming event WOW!

I thought E3 was about games.

I guess its like an awards show we have to be entertained first then the games come second.

Sony showed Games and gets critized.

MS comes out with some games and a second camera for it users to buy and get praised.

Guess E3 isnt about cutting edge Games anymore, if it was then this wouldnt even be close.

People say MAG dosent look that great but ODST is the second coming? personally im not getting either.

Double standards are a Btch!

Edit: Sony's Sizzle trailer showed more games (Exclusives and multiplats) than MS entire Show.

G4TV was so excited after sony's conference they turned completely unprofessional and started talking in the background while Jack Tretton was still on stage! but they lost to MS lol.

Bias media should be against the Law!

moparful993474d ago

This article is an opinion and not news so it should not have been posted... An opinion is open for interpretation and that always leads to flame wars and this back and forth fanboy stuff... This sony vs ms vs nintendo stuff is stupid.... For example i've been playing sony ips since the first playstation so therefore sonys press conf. had more for me but im not going to sit here and pretend that sony won because they appealed to me more... Here's the crazy part just because I expressed my OPINION of sony and why there conf meant more to me im going to get disagrees out the @ss and im going to be flamed to death by others because I dont share their opinion.... Honestly how did such a celebrated and friendly medium become such a to the death industry... Im stoked that 3 manufacturers are surving in a market that has never been able to support more then two products at one time.... Between the 3 companies there are 7 hardware products on the market that are thriving... That gives me chills and tells me that my favorite passion is going to survive well into the future.. celebrate what you have instead of what the other guy has......

Cupid_Viper_33474d ago


let MS and Nintendo have it, they won fair and square.

I thought you guys would have known this by now that SONY will never win anything in the MEDIA's eyes. according to them SONY has been LOSING since they've entered console gaming. one year its about the games the next it's about project NATAL, even though SONY SHOWED EYEPET last year lol.

anyways, the safest thing for SONY to do now, is to never, ever, ever wonder what the bottom of an Avatar shoe looks like, otherwise

and to the article ealier saying project Anal is BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE, DUH........I KID, I KID my 360 gamers. lol enjoy

The Lazy One3474d ago

Sony's conference just showed more of a lot of games we already knew were coming.

M$ showed a lot of features and games we hadn't known about at all. streaming 1080p, free games, lots of exclusives, MGS leaving sony exclusivity, and the games we already knew about had features shown that were pretty cool. Natal is also pretty awesome in the fact that it can sense 3d space, unlike PS eye, and it's going to be integrated into the whole system/dash and can be patched into existing games, like the burnout demo, and finally seeing what some alan wake gameplay is like was a treat. I'm pretty surprised they didn't show more of the zune HD at all, but the stuff we saw was pretty impressive post multi-plat stuff.

Rainstorm813474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

We knew Ms had a motion camera to unveil. (but not its functionallity)
We Knew of Alan wake.
We Knew of Splinter Cell.
Wow a MGS that Kojima all but disowned the next day.
We knew of Halo ODST.

Crackdown2 L4D2 & Halo Reach were all surprises. (but no game play for C2 and H:R)

Natal has alot of functionality the EyeToy HD has just look at EyePet Eyedentify and Eye of Judgement.

Twitter, Facebook?

If the PS3 is a movie player then the 360 is a PC.

Uncharted 2 and GOW3 wiped the floor with any Game shown at E3.

If you own a PS3 or not you cant call yourself a gamer and say you have 0 interest in either.

Just Be Real

Edit : they took almost as much time on RB: Beatles (multiplat) as the PSP (almost all exclusive handheld games) but thats a good thing for MS huh?

Welcome to the Twilight Zone!

Venomish3474d ago

From my point of view
in terms of the quality of the conference/speech itself , microsoft is better
in terms of the actual content(the games) , sony is better

Doppy3474d ago

Finally one I agree with except for the Sony and Nintendo score.

Microsoft had the best conference, because theirs was the most natural of the 3. You could tell Microsoft practiced their presentation over and over, because there was never a dull moment and people got on stage, talked about their game a few minutes (so not at all), demoed the game, and got off for the next person. Their conference was always in motion. The games and everything they showed was very good as well (I wanted to see more from them, but there are 2 more conventions). The one thing that hurt them was nothing was really demoed well except COD MW 2, and Natal which looks amazing (but from what I've seen it's a PS Eye that tracks 3D making it comparable to Sony's offerings). Overall Microsoft did very well and deserve a

Microsoft Conference A-
Games B
Overall B+

Nintendo did better than everyone's giving them credit for. Yes most of their show was we've sold the most consoles and hardware, and casual, but they are. However, the last 20 - 30 min. was all hardcore. New Super Mario Bros. with 4 player co-op is great and fun for everyone. Mario Galaxy 2 will no doubt be another great game from Nintendo. But the biggest thing and I pray it will be as amazing as I think it will was Metroid Other M. Team ninja makes arguably the 1st of 2nd best action game (GOW is #1 for me sorry) and now their making a Metroid game this can't be anything but good. It would have been great if Metroid Other M was coming out this year. Nintendo also showed Resident Evil Darkwhatever Chronicles, Dead Space, and the Conduit (should have had Red Steel 2 and another game for hardcore) so they had a pretty good showing not to mention motion plus. They didn't do as good as MS or Sony, but they did decent.

Nintendo Conference B-
Games C+
Overall C+

Now finally Sony. They had the exact opposite showing that Microsoft had. Everything they showed game wise and tech wise was amazing, but their speakers were on stage too long (Kaz), and it started to get boring at time. But to me E3 is all about the games and tech, and Sony had the most to show no questions about it. The PSP Go and Trico leak hurt them some (it lost the shock factor), but still this was the first time we got to truly see the PSP Go, and the Trico trailer looked so much better than the leaked one. God of War 3 was the best game shown at E3 to me (at least so far). Their motion controls along with the PS Eye as was MS Natal absolutely amazing. I wish they detailed more of the games in their trailers, because the PSP had some hot looking games, but no title (that JRPG looking game was 1). So had the best showing, but their speakers took them down a notch.

Sony Conference B
Games A-
Overall B+

Sony and Microsoft did the best, but Sony had the better games which is what I care about most (PSP and PS3 surprise. Microsoft only has 360 and only stayed on par with one of Sony's machines, but together they toppled the 360 game wise). Nintendo will have something for their hardcore gamers, but it was not everything they were expecting (Zelda where are you). Everyone should be happy with their console this holiday season and early 2010, so enough arguing and start saving to buy games.

Rainstorm813474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

C+ + C+ =\= B
B+ + B =\= A

Have you ever been to school?
or are you just that fanboy blind. you yourself said Sony showed what mattered to you most yet you give the top score to MS.

FarEastOrient3474d ago

What's the point of spending over 20 minutes on Rock Band Beatles a multi-platform game. It made since with Assasin's Creed II because there is unique content that can be gain when played with both the PS3 and PSP version.

Silver3603474d ago

It nothing but press conferences and the "winner" is the company that expresses best what they will be selling in the next year.MS communicated their products a little better. Does that mean Sony will sell less games or accessories? Hell No! So stop the whining and get your butts back to playing inFamous. E3 is over go play some games.

eagle213474d ago

Microsoft fans better get some higher standards if a 360 is supposed to last to 2015. It's almost like the standards are so low for microsoft that it's like: "wow, look jimmy jumped", while timmy (sony) can't just bring home straight A's, but a nobel prize to get the praise he deserves.

L4D2 is curently getting a freakin' boycott...nuff said
Halo ODST is DLC in a 5 hour $60 package..
forza was already rumored coming for 2009....
alan wake was announced years ago and after all that HYPE, on stage the demo was just ok..
Natal? No revolution sorry.

You think millions look at N4G daily? Just cause Sony's games get more attention when rumors or leaks happen doesn't take away from their presence. The crowd cheered. Sony gets an A, MS a B, and Nintendo a great effort. Sony won 10 AIAS awards for 2008 including GOTY. We'll see if their awesome games get the praise for 2009 and 2010. :)

Aquanox3474d ago

According to the major media, it's a clean sweep by MIcrosoft so far. GamePro,G4TV,Cnet and others agree on that they had the strongest show. So much for the early declared loser of the year.

As for the first post comparing the Sony's Motion control to Natal, lets put things straight: Sony's control is a Wiimote on steroid, Microsoft's natal is a combination of an RGB camera, a depth sensor and a propieraty processor running on Microsoft's Software. That is what Natal is, and it's ages ahead of anything Nintendo or Sony have presented in that matter.

lowcarb3474d ago

That's your opinion so get over it and grow up. Gamers got a good show and that's it. Why you people try so hard to come across like you know the way it should of been is just hilarious. If you think Sony or MS won then fine, but don't tell us who one because that's your opinion and not factual.

Doppy3474d ago

I hate went people like Raiinstorm81 comment on something when they don't know what their talking about. Instead of leaving some smart @$$ comment like the one you left you should have simply asked why did I give MS the higher score which I didn't.

I said Microsoft had the best conference which is why I gave them an A-, then Sony B, then Nintendo B-. While Sony had the best games. Sony A-, Microsoft B, Nintendo C+. After combining those two grades I came up with an overall grade which is why is why MS a B+ (A- + B = B+), Nintendo a C+ (B- + C+ = C+/B-), and Sony a B+ (B + A- = B+). And to make you look as stupid as your comment including the dummy who agreed with you, I went on to say Sony showed the better games which is why I think did the best, which you also stated so how you come up with me giving MS a better score is beyond me.

First of all it's not a competition, Second of all even if I did say MS had a better overall conference how does that make me a fanboy? I just like you have your preference (which I'll take a wild guess and say is the PS3) I have one as well (and it just so happens to be the PS3, seeing as how I a PS1, PS2, PSP, and soon a PSP Go along with a Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii n/a, Xbox 360, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Gamegear, and an Atari Lynx so you're right I'm a fanboy, but for games not consoles). 3rd when calculating the scores I said OVERALL. Now I don't know what you learned in school obviously nothing if you don't understand the concept of overall, so let me explain it to you. OVERALL MEANS TAKING EVERYTHING INTO ACCOUNT; therefore, now you know that the "OVERALL" grade is the final grade, and not the conference grades dummy. I feel sorry for whatever generation you belong to, because obviously the education system was going through a hard time as you all progressed through school. I hate to see what the world would/will be like with uneducated, non comprehensive, illiterate individuals such as yourself controlling the future of whatever country you live in. You are worse than this recession and every other plague found on this earth, because people like you spread a disease that runs rampant on this site known as Stupidassness. You need to get yourself checked out, before it's too late.

Now you all can mod. this all you want but I have a copy of it so I'll be pasting it back up in the open zone or my personal blog.

Oh and Raiinstorm81 have a nice day, and stay in school or go back to school.

rockleex3474d ago

I'll show you why...

Well BAM! There it is!

Doppy3474d ago

@ above

LMAO. I don't remember that part.

I think Natal is great, but I need to see what it can do that the PS Eye can't do and as of now I haven't seen anything like that yet. Milo was nice, but so is Interacting with Eye Pet (Eyedentify would have been nice also if it came out). Until I see something truly awe inspiring from Natal I can't say it's better. Using it to go through the movies was nice, but a controller works just fine.

Venomish3474d ago

what are you talking about??
just kidding

kevnb3474d ago

even if mag looked kinda boring, uncharted 2, god of war 3, last guardian, gt5, etc... just are stronger looking games than what microsoft showed. Winning e3 isn't everything, but sony definitely showed the best stuff.

Astromage3474d ago

Do fanboys actually PLAY the games or just talk about them? I mean for CHRIST SAKE - get a job and buy a 360/PS3 as well as your current console so you can enjoy every game shown at E3. More importantly, GET A LIFE!

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GiantEnemyCrab3475d ago

Lets just kill this before it get's started. They all did good and we all have some great games this year and oooh man 2010 looks hooot!

Be a gamer. Not a Hater. (c)Kingslayer ;)

ShabzS3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

this whole month is gonna be filled with articles like these .. they want you to stir it up ... so lets just be calm and admit that all the confereces were good and really catered to differnet types of gamers .... i.e. handhelled, console and casual

UnwanteDreamz3475d ago

Agreed if you own both systems (PS3/360) you are going to be busy and broke.

I am not qualified to comment on the Wii....

evrfighter3474d ago

Crab is trying to kill the only entertainment I can get at work. I say Let the fanboys go at it. Hilarity has ensued. What's funny is 2 months from now the Sony fanboys are going to be saying Sony won e3 in a "matter of fact" tone.

All I've seen so far from the well-known media is M$ winning. Even my local city newspaper did a piece on how M$ stole the show.

badz1493474d ago

even Nintendo improved their's compared to last year but I don't have any interest in the Wii nor the DS and that thing announced by Iwata killed it for me! so much for trying to bring back the hardcore ha? anyway, metroid was worth mentioning. M$ was also entertaining with lots of games. quite surprised with how SC had become (is that really sam fisher? he sure changed a lot from the last one!) and AW which different from what I expected! Sony's was looking to disappoint at one stage but when GT PSP came out and then Kojima-san...I was getting excited again! and finally, GoW3 blew me away!! I slept smiling...

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SoulBrotha32923475d ago

MS was really the best conference..Its not all about exclusives like most people thing 360 got a bunch of new add ons for live, FREE XBL games and BIG surprises wit Natal n MGS..COME ON in the end both consoles is gonna have a good year

3475d ago Replies(3)
ToastyMcNibbles3475d ago

i agree with the grades...nice read...the fact that the psp go and trico were leaked along with gran turismo psp and mgs peace walker psp kinda took away the shock factor but i was wondering why sony didnt highlight ratchet and clank and heavy rain and i was also a bit disappointed in the lack of news for psn as a whole but otherwise it was a great conference

evrfighter3474d ago

Ratchet and Clank?

How old are you 9? I think my little brother played that when he was in 2nd grade (seriously).

evrfighter3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

lol so your argument was reduced to a "your(e)<-wtf) an idiot"