NVIDIA to rebrand G80 as supercomputer chip

By Jon Stokes of ARStechnica: "If you've been following my coverage of the high performance computing (HPC) market-especially my coverage of the emerging market for commodity data-parallel coprocessors that are repurposed for use in HPC clusters-then know this: NVIDIA hates my line on all this stuff, and they haven't been shy about letting me know it. Now, I reveal this not in order to be catty, but to provide some context for a new rumor (courtesy of The Street) that NVIDIA will soon launch a separate "GPU computing" brand dedicated to selling the G80 to businesses as a general-purpose data-parallel coprocessor. Knowing that NVIDIA dislikes my GPU-as-coprocessor coverage, and knowing what they don't like about it, is key to understanding why they're launching a whole separate brand and product line around an existing GPU part..."

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