Final Fantasy XIII On Xbox 360 Looks Like This

Kotaku: To go with the announcement of a rough release timeframe for the game, Microsoft also released some screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII running on the Xbox 360.

Can you spot the differences? Because, uh, we can't. Especially since only one of them is an in-game shot.

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KionicWarlord2223427d ago

Looks nice. Going be great when its release....sadly i hope i can afford this when it comes out... lol start selling home.

SullyDrake3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

But the PS3 version will look better.

PS3 brothers, give me bubbles and agrees and I shall return the favor! Purchase the real version of FFXIII on PS3, not the 360 cash-grab 4-disc version!


Dragun6193427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Yea, I'll still say PS3 version will look better as PS3 is lead platform as it is being developed to match its release date in japan on PS3 exclusively.

Plus it will offer better HD quality in terms for video and audio because its on Blu Ray with no or least compression. Hopefully it will offer both Japanese and English dub by the time they release it in NA.
But honestly, I just wanna play the dam game already.

Edit: wow, Mitchell should stfu, making us real ps3 fans look bad.

Strikepackage Bravo3427d ago

Why did that need to be said? Is that all that matters to you people?
Seriously I think it is, you don't care about games or gaming, you only care about Sony and beating 360, it's become an obsession with you guys.

GET HELP! you people are sick.

SullyDrake3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Strikepackage Bravo owns a 360.


jib3427d ago

hes right. you guys are obsessed. for some of you, its become your lives

kevoncox3427d ago

Remember everyone saying....but but but, it won't look anything like the ps3 version because DVD 9 will keep them blah blah blah. Damn looks like that has been dismissed. MGS4 can't be done on 360, A new MGS is coming and it's on 360. It will look better than MGS4 due to additional time with the systems and development tools. That was proven to be untrue. 1 by 1 all the games that can only be done on ps3 are growing thinner and all that are left are 1st party games that are exclusive for fanboys to hide behind. The truth is, both consoles can do any game.

evrfighter3427d ago



what's funny is. There are some people here that actually won't sleep because of this =\

chaosatom3427d ago

oh of the big supporters of MS.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )


if you saw those pics with no tags you would have swore that THAT was the ps3 version.

a big round of applause to SE.

hulk_bash19873427d ago

man u gotta remember dat it goes for da otherside as well, ive heard alot of illogical things come out of a couple of 360 ppl 2. Fanboys are the same regardless of wat camp deyre on.

Immortal Kaim3427d ago

All you guys do is b*tch and moan...seriously, get a life.

SullyDrake3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Maybe, but that's because both versions aren't next to each other to compare. Anyone with a brain knows the PS3 version will be superior in every way, that's just common knowledge.

@ All Time Greatness:

For the most part, I'm not a fanatic, just doing some good ol' fanboy trolling.

Needless to say, by now most multiplatform games are equal in terms of visuals and performance. FFXIII will look better on PS3, but it won't be by a landslide.

And I bought a movie player? I think not. Games like Uncharted and Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, God Of War III, etc etc you know all the rest, would never be possible on the 360. These are quality games with heart, not just lookers. Sorry bud, you fail there.

I bought a movie player? You bought a low-end PC without upgradability.

All Time Greatness3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Mitchell, help me understand....why would the PS3 version look better??

Did you conveniently forget Xbox 360 winning almost every multiplatform comparison for the last 3-4 years straight?? haha

Also, PS3 isn't the lead platform....the 360 and PS3 version started on PC first(and 360 is closer to PC architecture) you're probably going to get surprised when comparisons are done.

But the only reason you'll be surprised is because you're a PS3 fanatic....common sense says Xbox will win.... like always. You're trying to tell yourself somehow Xbox 360 is getting the "less" version but it was proved in Microsoft's conference that Xbox isn't.

You bought a movie player.

Sarcasm3427d ago

"You bought a movie player. "


I swear, I thought 2006 was long gone already with comments like these.

Sarcasm3427d ago

"All you guys do is b*tch and moan...seriously, get a life. "

And b*tching and moaning about b*tching and moaning isn't exactly helping.

Alvadr3427d ago

I am seriously betting that this game looks better on the PS3. It was originally designed for the PS3, the lead platform is PS3.

History & 360fanboys have taught us that the lead platform always get the better graphics...

So is that going to be true now 360 boys?

The Master Chief3427d ago

"History & 360fanboys have taught us that the lead platform always get the better graphics... "

PS3 isn't the lead platform. lol PC is.

TheRealSpy023427d ago

you are...a....psycho

and please...don't lump yourself in the same category as people with a brain.

Perkel3427d ago

ehm .. none of these shots was even in game.

Kotaku got pwnd.

And to all users of Console PREPARE to SEE ONLY GOOD graphic With LOOOOTS of CGI.

Seriously i saw ps3 trailer from in game moments and textures look horrible (60% game completion ???? )

BadboyCivic3427d ago

but i must agree with the guy above.
The in game graphics looks horrible
almost PS2 looking,if you dont believe
me go see for yourself

JoySticksFTW3427d ago

Jeez, is it that easy to get everyone so riled up?

all of you above with your hurt feelings over what he said must not have been here for...

-Dark Sniper
-Power of Green
-Breakfast (who would alternate between trolling as a PS3 & 360 fanboy)

Grow a thicker skin. It's obvious that Mitchell's kidding. If you still feel angry, direct it at the so-called professional "journalists" who print crap like the EGM tomato-throwing at PS3 on their cover, and Gamepro listing multi-platforms as 360 "wins" for E32009.

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Bonsai12143427d ago

didn't square say they wouldn't work on the 360 version until they finish the ps3 version. so its doubtful thats running on 360 hardware. unless square stalled ps3 development to catch up the 360, which is possible.

Troll-Killer3427d ago

...they demo'd the game....LIVE... during MS's conference, running on the 360.

testerg353427d ago

I believe they showed actual 360 FF13 footage at the MS press conference. SE showed a boss battle sequence with the character summoning Odin.

hulk_bash19873427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

More plausible is dat dey had a small group of devs working on getting dat same demo on da ps3 running on a 360 for an e3 showing.

@ disagrees, wat are u guys mad 4 even if dey were working on da 360 version along side da ps3, isnt dat gud news for us bcuz dat means da game gets out sooner?? Its a simultaneous n e ways.

Sarcasm3427d ago

"unless square stalled ps3 development to catch up the 360, which is possible. "


I said it before and I'll say it again. Don't trust a F'in word Enix says. Don't be surprised if FFXIV comes out on the 360 at launch too.

They've been working on the 360 version probably since they announced it last year. But they've lied to everyone about how they won't start the port until the PS3 version is finished.

Which is complete BS, because we know by doing that they are hindering development of the PS3 version.

F'in Enix and Wada.

Still I'm buying FFXIII when it comes out. But I sure do hate the shoddy lies and BS they feed it's consumers.

PS360PCROCKS3427d ago

Um don't they have the same release date in North America for PS3/360? If so what makes you believe they wouldn't be working on the 360 version beforehand? Regardless of what was said...

Bonsai12143427d ago

oh, they actually demoed it? didn't pay attention to this year's e3. my bad.

shawnsl653427d ago

the graphic looks good on both versions. lets hope the story line is really good.

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Sarcasm3427d ago

Kotaku is retarded if they cant tell the difference between the CGI screens and the in-game ones. Which is quite obvious IMO.

They really love being positive about 360 stuff, but I bet you if this was the PS3 screenshots, they would pull something like "It doesn't even match the CGI videos"

betrayed gamer3427d ago

they did show a demo of it at e3 at the 360 confrence right?. and who says square didnt give the 360 project to be worked on by a third party.