How Fights Work In Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is a mix of an adventure game and a rapid fire quick time events. At E3 I took on the role of Norman Jayden, a FBI profiler searching for the Origami Killer. The left analog moves Jayden's head. Holding the R2 button makes Jayden walk in whatever direction his head is facing.

The scene Jayden was investigating was in a scrap yard. Before pressing forward, Siliconera stopped to make Jayden "think". When you hold the L2 button words, which represent thoughts, spin around him. Players can hit the four face buttons to see what Jayden is thinking. If you press square to make Jayden think about Triptocaine you discover that Jayden is suffering from withdraw.

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SnuggleBandit3425d ago

ya know i don't see the big problem that people have with the QTE's. This game for me is all about the story which will be amazing i'm sure

cmrbe3425d ago

just want to shoot/cover/shoot non stop throughout a game.