Heavy Rain Trickles Hints of DLC

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Speaking with Petro Piaseckyj, Managing Producer for SCEA during our session with Heavy Rain he mentioned that Heavy Rain DLC is indeed in the works."

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Scolar Visari3426d ago

Can't wait till Heavy Rain.

Mr_Controversy3426d ago

This is retarded. The game isn't out yet and they're already talking about some pay 2 download DLC. :|

Games these days....

skatezero2463426d ago

Man! one of my most anticipated titles, great news in my opinion

Mr_Controversy3426d ago

Since the game isn't released yet, include the DLC into the freakin' game!

Dead_Cell3426d ago

With other games (First person shooters,action/adventure) it's quite easy to throw in DLC as the story isn't as heavily based.
Heavy Rain is a full-on story,it would be hard to throw in new parts to the game and mess about with the story just because they had a new idea.
DLC for something like this would be new character-story paths etc etc.

Serg3426d ago

I hate DLC to death, but it's the devs way to keep consumers from reselling their games.