Top Muramasa Hands-On!

Roger of GamingVice posted:

"Early this morning, I had the pleasure of attending a private appointment with Ignition Entertainment to check out their biggest and most anticipated Wii game of this year, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, an action-RPG set in feudal Japan developed by the team that made the PS2 classic, Odin Sphere. Eric Rodgers, Associate Producer at Ignition Entertainment, took me through a full demo of the first area for each of the game's main characters"

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Smacktard3423d ago

"It’s also worth noting that the game has not been, and will not be fully localized. Rodgers mentioned that while text and menus are all in English, the Japanese voice work will kept. This is due to the fact that they knew, no matter who they hired to do vocal work, players would complain about the “poor English vocal tracks”."

Dammit. Am I the only non-weeaboo gamer? I want english. I don't care about voice acting. Bad voice acting > foreign voice acting.