1UP: Modern Warfare 2 Preview

1UP writes: "It's the next Call of Duty title from Infinity Ward -- it's pretty easy to figure out how we feel about it. While the ice-climbing threw us for a loop, and it didn't have quite the dramatic "Oh shit!" impact of, say, watching MacMillan suddenly stand up during the beginning of "All Ghillied Up," the overall demonstration gave us a satisfying taste of the game. It's a well-paced, variety-filled segment of signature Infinity Ward-style gunplay, visual aesthetics, smooth framerate, and, "Wow, that's just damn cool!" moments. Of course, we still want to see more, of both single- and multiplayer".

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kalel7953421d ago

all looks good so far but still not a big enough leap forward from modern warfare

xg-ei8ht3421d ago

I think i might buy that.