1UP: New Super Mario Bros Preview

1UP writes: "Yet that one shortcoming can't diminish my enthusiasm for New Super Mario Wii; it seems to be everything I wanted from its predeessor. Nintendo's even done right by the power-ups this time; where NSMB's new additions consisted of making Mario really big (briefly) or really small (uselessly), on Wii we have Mario 3-style suits that include a propeller suit (offering limited flight) and a penguin costume (allowing ice-sliding and the ability to shoot fireball-like blobs of ice that can freeze enemies rather like something out of Metroid... although a frozen enemy in mid-air will eventually become subject to gravity's pull and come crashing down). Happily, NSMB Wii is due before the end of the year, so we don't have long to wait to see if the final product is as exceptional as the demo suggests".

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