Joystiq Hands-on: Flippin' out the PSP Go

Joystiq writes:

"We got some hands-on time with an untethered PSP Go. So, unlike our one-hand-on with the system, this time we actually got to open and close it to our heart's content. The system definitely feels light, but solid. The opening and closing function is totally smooth, and we joked that the company should set up an IKEA-style live feed of it opening and closing until it snaps. Anyway, the video compares the Go's size (closed) to the iPhone and the standard PSP."

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gintoki7773426d ago

i dont know whats better wait for psp go or buy psp 3000 and play on some emulators =)

CaptainKratos3426d ago

@ rockleex. faaking hilarious!!! epic fail!!!lol.

poopsack3425d ago

lol thnx for reminding me of the vid!

slinkey1233425d ago

hey gintoki777, If I was you i would just get a PSP 3000. PSP Go is gonna be double the price of the 3000 here in the UK. And in my opinion thats no way worth it lol.

Also it will be a while before they manage to hack the Go so that you can play emulators.

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butterfinger3426d ago

wait to pick up a PSP Go! on day one then download GT PSP. :) This is a great year for PSP owners, and those looking to get a new PSP.

Neo6043426d ago

small is good for portable.

Ryo-Hazuki3426d ago

Yeah me too. Day 1 purchase of the PSP Go

RememberThe3573426d ago

That actually make me sad...

The PSP Go deserves more then that.

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