Before its time? Valve explains Left 4 Dead sequel to Ars

When Left 4 Dead 2 was announced at Microsoft's press conference, the reaction was less than kind. Fans felt betrayed by the quick turnaround for the sequel, and they made their feelings known. Chet Faliszek sits down with Ars to explain the decision.

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GiantEnemyCrab3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Once again, Valve and it's dev's are talking to the PC market but completely ignore the 360 fans who dropped full price on this bad boy and got no updates, no support until the recent add-on. The game was barren for content so why in the world would I go out and buy it again to only have you not support it, not bring any maps out and then release L4D3 next year?

360 gamers can't take advantage of the SDK so they rely on you Valve to bring them the maps. What happened to the promises of taking the best community stuff and releasing it on Live?

"The game will ship with five new campaigns"

Again, an already thin game right out of the gate. 5 new campaigns is NOT ENOUGH FOR WHAT YOU CHARGE! I don't care if the AI director makes it different the environments get boring after months of playing the same 5.


CaseyRyback_CPO3425d ago

Folks deserve to get raped for a few reasons here:

1. Valve's half as$ old dated engine, making a MOD and calling it $60.00
2. Terrible A.I - buh buh you have to play co-op with fri... Yes exactly.. terrible ai.
3. No Mod Support

Which was all known when claiming the game was so amazing and phenomenal... second to none, yadda yadda.

Much like DLC rape from Capcom, third party is going to continue to do this because of the lack of anything else to play.. folks will continue to buy it. I've made a list of developers im never buying games from again. Slant6 is on that list along with valve and others.

All they need to do is do new cut scenes, and use the same old ass engine that they've been using all this time with amazing new features like grain and flashlights. Its the same thing Epic has been doing, but at least epic paced it out.

Halo3 MLG Pro3425d ago

ugh! I swear people complain to much.

uxo223425d ago

I tend to skip a rendition of a game when they do this. Unless something REALLY special (And I mean really special) happens with L4D2 I'll pass on it as I did with the last call of duty (world at war)

I have to agree with you GiantEnemyCrab, your rant was well justified, to the point that it doesn't even feel like a rant.

y0haN3425d ago

Crab WTF are you talking about. The SDK is really poor in its current state which I doubt will be addressed. PC gamers have to pay again for the same game, they have every right to be pissed off too. Do not want.

Vavoom3425d ago

Dude, how in the hell do you have as many bubble as you have. All you do is bash 360 stuff, b!tch, and Whine!

I will answer some of the question in your titles from you last ten comments...

"Since when did 360 owners/demographic care about motion sensing?"
What do you know about 360 fans, it seems that all you do is bash them. Additionally, the same can be said about PS3 fans, I've heard them bash the wiimote in the past, the irony part is now sony is working on a wiimote...haha

"MGSR & the rest of the sad 360 following that just got owned once again by truth."
The truth according to whom; you? Dude you are so slanted up Sony's butt that NOTHING that you say can be taken seriously.

"uh, what do you expect? 360-shoot-em-up morons buy anything that includes shooting"
So now all 360 fans are "shoot-em-up morons" huh? See it bullsh!t blanket statements like that the makes it so puzzling that you have more than 1 bubble.

"lol MS fanboys are pathetic im sorry.."
Yet, here you are stooping below their level and being a pampus, overbearing douchebag that expect someone to listen to you.

"after bungie said it would only be 4-5 hours, and stressed it wasn't a full game.. ill pass."
You have to have a 360 to pass. So, once again an irrelevant statement by someone that takes themselve way too seriously.

I try not to get to caught up into arguments with people like you, but you really do need to tone it down a bit. Your sh!t is getting way out of line.

BRG90003425d ago

When it comes to Valve, buy their games on PC. Solves all your frustrations. And it's clearly the way they prefer it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3425d ago

I swear every time I go into a 360 thread it is the same people complaining about something on the 360. Every time I go into the a PS3 related news it is the very same people complaining about the 360 that are praising their love for PS3.

Do you guys play games? How the heck do you have time to hunt down every 360 news article, complain about them, then praise the PS3 and still have time for other stuff.

I'm starting to think it is a select few that ruins the whole site for many many others.

Now if you think I'm singling out PS3 fans, just do a check yourself. Go into the articles and read the comments. It is as if their bickering will change anything....

Gun_Senshi3425d ago

crab gabe said it himself.

consoles are a waste of time. He said he just ports game to x360 because its similar to pc for quick easy money. Gabe Newell is probably the #1 PC Fanboy

lowcarb3425d ago

"2. Terrible A.I - buh buh you have to play co-op with fri... Yes exactly.. terrible ai."

This comment you made is all i needed to read before finishing the rest and wasting my time with your fanboy dribble. L4D computer AI when playing with no friends is way to accurate. This means the AI is actually very good especially when going against hunters and smokers. The only reason you play it with friends is to make it feel more realistic. Heck there were times I would play the game and swear the enemys were real people.

edit crab: "5 new campaigns is NOT ENOUGH FOR WHAT YOU CHARGE!"

And why not? Your getting hours and hours of replay value. I could see if you only played the game once or twice but playing a level over 50 times is worth every penny. I'm looking forward to a better version of L4D and will gladly pay 60 bucks.

IaMs123425d ago

Casey has those bubbles because DUH remember your on He has tons of fannies to back him up when they need 360 bashing.

crck3425d ago

I honestly can't believe how well Left 4 Dead sold and was reviewed. I played it once in co-op with a friend (it took us 3-4 hours to finish) and never felt the need to pick it up again. This game was ridiculously short, running on a engine that dates back to the 20th century. But everyone kept gushing all over it. I never understood it, especially when some gaming outlets nominated it for game of the year. I was left speechless. I thought it was a decent rental and nothing more. Valve like Nintendo and Blizzard just seem to get a free pass from the gaming media in general.

But that being said I don't mind Left 4 Dead 2 coming out this year. Because I will just rent it again. Sucks for you people who bought it though.

evrfighter3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

@ casey

Left 4 Dead is a pc game first. Valve is not a 360 developer, so im lol'ing @ fail troll attempt.

There's another "who won e3?" article up here somewhere. Don't you have a company that doesn't care about you to defend? Or is the SDF tired of making people believe in fairies?

edit: before you start I'm a pc gamer (Amd/Intel Nvidia/ATI. I worship whoever gives me the best bang for the buck). But you know what the difference is between console gamers and us?

we won't pay for mediocrity. The backlash against Valve is proving it. I'm not gonna be buying this until it's worth its price. Much like I did with bf2142, Quake 4, and Unreal 3 and I STILL do not own 2 of those titles.

lowcarb3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

If you beat the game in 3 to 4 hours then you cheated yourself by playing it on a freaking easy settings. I guarantee you if you would of tried it on the hardest setting and played it the way it was meant to be played that you would of been stuck for hours trying to beat it. This game on hard can take anywhere from 2 or even 6 hours to pass one level with friends.

GiantEnemyCrab3425d ago

Thanks for the replies and I apologize if I sound like a whiner here.

Let me just say I LOVE LEFT 4 DEAD! Absolutely have a blast with it but it needs more campaigns. The game was sold with the promise that it was an episodic game that the reason it only has 5 campaigns is because more are coming. Even for a few bucks that would of been fine but we have seen nothing. At least the PC gamers will still be able to play everything that was created with the SDK for L4D.

The very fact that I am complaining is because I love the game and want more.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

There are some good arguments both for and against Valves decision. GiantEnemyCrab makes a good point about 360 owners of Left 4 Dead, and I agree with Halo3 MLG Pro about people complaining to much. PC owners of L4D should just shut the hell up. What the hell are they b!tching for? they get as many maps and campaigns they want. 360 owners should get at least 2 more maps for free to justify the price. I for one will give in and buy L4D2 because I love Valve's games but a few more updates would be nice.

All-33425d ago

Gsus keeerist! The poo-poo that you spout is hilarious!

3425d ago
kaveti66163425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Steven Seagal will KILL you, Son. HE will RULE you. Better not talk that way about him. Chuck Norris finds you in your sleep, but Steven Seagal has no problem walking up to you in broad daylight and cracking your neck into oblivion, boy.

nycredude3425d ago

Wow a developer notorious for taking crazy long to develop games turns around and makes another one in less than 8 months.

Proxy3425d ago

Think of it as a 60$ map pack.

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mistajeff3425d ago

See, this is how I felt about COD6. I dropped $60 for a WW2-themed map and weapon pack and a campaign that took me less than 4 hours to beat. But this should totally be DLC, or a half-price expansion or something. L4D1 didn't even offer enough content to be worth even the $50 of a PC game, DEFINITELY not the $60 of a significantly worse-looking 360. From the sound of it, if they had waited and put the content of the two games together, that's a $60/$50 value. This is a huge regression from the glory days of Orange Box value.

And where the [email protected]#$ is episode 3?! Lombardi said they were going to reveal it before the end of 2008. They should do another Orange Box-deal with that and L4D2 and Portal 2. Sigh.

y0haN3425d ago

At least it had some genuinely new stuff, the entire campaign, some of the weapons were completely new to the franchise, the zombie mode. Here it is just new models, weapons and maps and a full price tag.

mistajeff3425d ago

Yeah, I'll give you that. Though I have to say, having lived in New Orleans over the past 4 years, I CANNOT WAIT to blast my way across Pontchartrain and into the French Quarter.

kaveti66163425d ago

Why don't you just do that now. :)

Halo3 MLG Pro3425d ago

"The game will ship with five new campaigns, new weapons, new characters, new Special Infected, updated Common Infected, melee weapons... and a new game mode. "We're not talking about that yet," I'm told. The point is that this isn't a new coat of paint and a new level or two; this is a full sequel."

Well there you have it. I swear you guys complain like lil whiny kids. If you don't like it, than don't buy it. I'm more than excited for this.

LCF3425d ago

Well we know your standards are low. Valve and Gabe himself stated many of times how consoles are weak and inferior all they way back to the mid 90's. Valves ideals will change as much as they go thru game engines. To expect anything more from Valve and their elitist ideals of PCs is being delusional.

mastiffchild3425d ago

You miss the point, massively. Firstly, and I'm a fan of much of what the first game does, L4D itself was not all it's cracked up to be. It was very short on content and the SP was little more than training for the online gaming-but we were promised more in the way of DLC and mods from the community even on 360 where the game took a big visual hit.

Now to the "sequel"-most sequels come a good deal after the first game and as a result the dev has had lots of time to consider the faults of the game, to tweak/build a new engine, move the tech/gfx forwards, create a full new SP campaign etc, etc. Now Valve appear to be making the new game without any of this going on as there's just too little time gone by to do any of it-plus they said they would support the game (L4D) far more than they have(even wore on 360 where more promises were broken)but even then how much have they really been able to do to the new game in such a short space of time?

It isn't like Valve to rup off fans but this stinks of con to me. People are up in arms mainly cos they expect better treatment from Valve-but if they mean this is a sequel in terms of it having the same amount of content as the first game did-that still isn't enough as the original wasn't worth a full price release as it was so light on campaigns and SP-and in the end didn't even get the promised support. If by sequel they mean a similar package then count me out til it's on sale-hell if they have a proper package this time round and it isn't a purely online game(which we shouldn't EVER pay full price for, imo)and includes a real story SP campaign then I'll happily forgive them.

However, I just doubt they've had the time, knowing the slow nature of the way Valve work I'm pretty sure they haven't in fact. Hope I'm wrong, though, as there's a really great game inside the shrtcomings of L4D that deserves to be let out and a good SP give the mp a good frame o reference, imo, making all the online shooty shooty more worthwhile.

IdleLeeSiuLung3425d ago

This is a classic case of Valve customers getting spoiled. Every year we get a new Fotball, Soccer, Golf, CoD, Rockband and Guitar Hero game. do anyone complain? No. You get a sequel from a respectable company that time and time again have created highly rated games that sell well and everybody complains.

As Halo 3 MLG says, if you don't like it don't buy it. Also, there aren't too many games that get free DLC. Let me repeat that, FREE DLC on the 360! That is like winning the lottery as from the hundreds of the game out only a handful have free DLC....

-chaz-3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )


Good points.

If I had to guess, I'd say that Turtle Rock had bigger plans for L4D1 but were forced to cut it back to meet their deadline. L4D started off as a HL mod and quickly evolved into a full-fledged game. This "sequel" might be the realization of a larger scale game.

I think that they are selling this as a sequel because they've made so many additions to the SDK that they can't patch the first game. I wouldn't be suprised in the least if there are some favorable discounts for the game on Steam when it's released.

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Death3425d ago

I only buy the games that are sold to me ethically and with my best interests at heart. That's why I own multiple versions of Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3. The ever so slight additions made the games worth an extra $50 each time. Don't even get me started with the GT Prologues. At least Polyphony is going years between the release of the "it's not a demo" demo they sell and the actual game. Yeah Valve is the devil and Xbox gamers are suckers...


GiantEnemyCrab3425d ago

I love the game I just bought the game with the impression that it was episodic and that the 5 campaigns would not be the only ones they release.

I can understand if they are looking at it from the PC perspective because there have been several mods made for it so they got a lot more play out of it. But for 360 gamers who have to depend on Valve to supply them they just seem to not bother.

I wouldn't say 360 gamers are suckers but I sure feel like a sucker on this one because I bought the game under the impression that the 5 campaigns would be just the start.

Clap Your Hands3423d ago

You miss the point (yet again).

MGS 2 and 3 were full games, sold at full price. The Substance versions a year after, just added even more for the hardcore fans and collectors. Nobody complained because MGS 2 and 3 from the start were full games with a lot of content.

L4D were basically half a game (4 maps, 2 hour singleplayer campaign etc.) sold at full price, with the promise of more free content to validate the high price... free content that to this date has not come.
People are angry because Valve charged them full price for half a game, and now want full price for the other half.

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