Ace Combat's Glorious History

Introduction to the Ace combat series to new fans who were born too late to remember:

Ace Combat, a very old IP dating back to the days of PlayStation 1 by Namco, has traditionally been on the PlayStation platform. However, there is something about the devil's number 6 with Namco's recent releases that has been everything 'Xbox'. Ridge Race 6 from before and now Ace Combat 6. Millions of Sony fanboys' hearts sank when it was annouced as Xbox exclusive.

Namco has traditionally been tightly knitted with Sony in the Japanese market with the exclusiveness of the Tekken series thus far, the formation of Cellius, the PS3/Gundam Musou Bundle Package, Kaz Hirai's famous E3 quote "It's riiiiiidge racer!", and of course Ken Kutaragi's son is a manager at Namco Bandai. With all these connection is hard for anybody not to see a future Ace Combat could be possible for the Sony platform. However, only time will truely tell.

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