Call of Duty 7 Confirmed by Developer

The Call of Duty series is without a doubt one of the most popular franchises of first-person shooters currently in development. It has brought its publisher, Activision, huge amounts of money, especially with the most recent iterations, CoD 4: Modern Warfare and CoD: World at War, both developed by separate studios and appearing in successive years.

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7ero H3LL3422d ago

kinda contradicts what they said in the past.

"Infinity Ward: Modern Warfare pushes Xbox 360 to its "upper limits""

so i'm guessing they're just going to keep on saying that every time they make a call of duty game.

Ninver3422d ago

Well it's not like M$ is giving them a choice now is there lol.

SuicidalTendencies3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Hit the wrong reply.

Vip3r3422d ago

This is now the official Need for Speed of the FPS genre.

Ninver3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Tell me about it. I'm really getting sick of developers releasing sequels every damn year. It makes you wonder how much work their actually putting into their games. I mean we just had COD:MW in 07, then WOW last year with MW2 releasing in a few months now we have COD7? WTF????

Not to mention L4D2 and the whole Halo milk factory. I'm sorry but when 3 Halo games get released on the same platform in less than 3 years, you know there is a problem somewhere. Frankly i'm glad i have a choice and i will gladly stick to my ps3 exclusives that push boundaries with sequels that are at least 2 years apart knowing the engines are already built with significant improvements.

Same reason why i will never purchase a gimped 360 or wii.

Don't hate i'm just a perfectionist. Just like i'm a hip hop artist who believes the now hip hop scene is garbage compared to the 90's.

raztad3422d ago


Those guys are just MILKING too hard that franchise. Waste of time and developer talent, imo. Please give us something fresh to play.

Perhaps Activision, learned EA lesson. EA had a farm cow, and it was very good to it (financially). With Moore, EA has been trying new IPs (Mirror Edge, Dead Space, AT, and some others) with no that good results. Sad.

SuicidalTendencies3422d ago

Who cares how many sequels come out as long as they are quality games. It's not like they are madden games with just updated rosters. They improve the graphics and add great gameplay elements plus they tend to improve online as well. And it's not like it's just one dev team that is making the game every year, they have multiple teams working on these games. Example being Bungie has two teams working on ODST and apparently Halo: Reach. IW works on MW2 and Treyarch works on the 7.

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Rich16313422d ago

Activision needs to realize that oversaturation of the franchise is going to kill it early. They should have just dropped Treyarch from developing it, and have Infinity Ward develop it on a 2 year cycle.

Dead_Cell3422d ago

MAG is trying to be different,it's trying to give you something new and not done before on consoles.
And if it fails? oh well there's always next years COD.

Ninver3422d ago

I agree. Besides MW2 looks meh at best. No major improvements just minor features which could have been made DLC for COD:MW.

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