Macworld Review: Cops & Robbers for iPhone

Macworld writes: "Normally $3, but on sale for $1 as of this writing, the game's storyline is simple: There are bad guys (the robbers), and the good guys (you guessed it, the cops). As the robber, you collect cash and steal diamonds-and try to evade the cops. In a clever twist, each level offers the cop as an unlockable character; if you can clear the level as a Robber, you can try your hand at enforcing the law, instead.

So far, so good. But the controls and general gameplay don't match the fun of the game's premise. Cops & Robbers is played in portrait mode. Sometimes, you move your character by tilting the iPhone left or right, or by tapping either side of the screen-your choice. On occasion, though, you'll hit seemingly random "checkpoints," at which time your view changes. Now the game controls your left and right movement, and you're responsible only for jumping."

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