Guild Wars 2 Q&A - Part One

ArenaNet and NCsoft's MMO Guild Wars has been nothing but a success over the past couple of years. An unusual business model that has seen the Seattle-based outfit produce three instalments in the expanding universe since the game launched in April 2005, coupled with the more than attractive omission of a subscription fee, has led to sales in excess of 3 million units.

Towards the end of March, ArenaNet and NCsoft announced plans to release the fourth instalment, Eye of the North, which will arrive later in 2007. Taking players back to the land of Tyria, location of the first instalment (Guild Wars: Prophecies), Eye of the North will be the only edition that will require players to have one of its predecessors. It'll also act as a bridge to Guild Wars 2, the first fully-fledged sequel, which will be set over a century after the events of the original.

TVG caught up with Mike O'Brien, one of the founders of ArenaNet, and Game Designers Ben Miller and Eric Flannum to discuss their plans for the sequel...

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