GamesRadar: Knights in the Nightmare Review

Knights in the Nightmare isn't a bad game; the combat system is addictive as hell, and though the various elements of the game that might seem like an odd mix, together they make a lot of sense. It just tries to do too much, so instead of a historic must-play that changes the genre forever, people get a quirky, worthwhile oddity.

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PS360WII3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

I started playing this last night and holy cow there is a lot into this game 0.o I don't think they are trying to much because they are going for a crowd of gamers who know a thing or two about rpgs. It really does have an amazing combat system. One that'll have you thinking a lot even before the battle begins! Setting it up takes some thought and effort. One of the few games out there that playing and reading the tutorial and tips actually would be worthwhile.