Gran Turismo 5 Vs. Forza Motorsport 3

Blend Games writes:

"Now, this is more like a preliminary bout for the best racing sim out there. Before laying down any money on a console of choice for a specific racer, you might want to know what both games will have to offer."

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mathsman3425d ago

Forza. All the way. GT5 doesn't have a chance...

3425d ago
EvilCackle3425d ago

Open Zone is that way --->

popup3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

The PSP one. I can tape it to my steering wheel and play while I drive. That's real. Argument ended.

yoghurt3425d ago

have you tried pinching yourself?

ShinMaster3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

GT5 will feature the largest diverse car roster in any racing game, a full NASCAR mode that accurately reflects the car models, themes and physics, a WRC off-road mode with fully functional rally cars, dynamic real-time damage, weather effects, 1080p support, and pit crews.
The game will now feature enhanced online functionality.
And car customization (performance and visual)

Doppy3425d ago

I expect GT5 to be the better game, but there are things Forza has that make it for everyone like the infinite customization options, painting cars (I love this), trading cars online (which may make it to GT5 since it's in PSP).

If you have both system just get both and stop arguing all the time people, don't you know it makes you wrinkle up faster.

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Xbots3425d ago

GT5 piss all over foza motowhatever......

Damn I'm so fuk!ng horny right now Bladestar prepare your self....

cyguration3425d ago

are actually quite impressive.

They still haven't announced anything like the auction house or livery editor for GT5, though.

cyguration3425d ago

Dang, this is going to get heated...

If you don't have a flamewar cup, I suggest you get one because Sony fanboys are going to go all nutcracker on you dude.

mathsman3425d ago

I wouldn't mind if there was at least one person on my side :(

keysy4203385d ago

its in a different class do the test ask someone who doesn't play to look at both videos and see which one looks better