Brothers In Arms: Now With Added Waggle, Tapping

Continuing their fine tradition of porting anything with a polygon and a pulse to the Wii, Ubisoft have announced that they're bringing Gearbox's Brothers in Arms to Nintendo's console. Called Brothers in Arms: Double Time, it's a repackaging of the two previous games on a single disc, except, of course, for some "console specific enhancements". So, waggle. Can't say I'm terribly excited.

Or...maybe I am! They're also bringing the game to the DS (pictured), and this one's a little more interesting. "Exclusively designed" for the system, it's going to feature a third-person view, auto-cover, is going to be all-3D and will also include 4-player MP. So, Metroid Prime: Hunters with Nazis, then.

Both games are due "this year". Press release, for those who crave such things, is after the clicky-click.

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