Zelda illustration revealed

Although it was said photos were not allowed in the roundtable with Miyamoto, someone seems to have broke the rules and snapped a picture from their camera phone.

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big shadow3427d ago

Crappy quality but looks awesome

qface643427d ago

geez what kind of reporter would just do that xD

n4f3427d ago

bet its gamespot i knew it cannot trust them ever since the kain & linche incident

Product3427d ago

Actually the ones taking credit seem to be NintendoWorldReport.

condorstrike3427d ago


that's not worth the 13 seconds i spent trying to figure it out.

Come on nintendo throw us a bone.

Product3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

The site seems to be updated with the official art now......really looks good.

I wish the crosshatching in the art really was in the actual game like that.

Although didn't Miyamoto say that Zelda's style would change? this seems to look like twilight princess style

condorstrike3427d ago

He's gonna use that fairy girl as a sword or something, how much you guys wanna bet?

by the way RIP. David Carradine.

Product3427d ago

I think a sword is still in or something similar to a sword remember Miyamoto said to look at swordfighting and archery in wiisports resort for clues as to the gameplay int he next Zelda.

mastiffchild3427d ago

Yeah, Condor, was just saying to the missus that we were lucky to get one last great performance out of Carradine in Kill Bill-inderrated dude I tell ya.

cookieliaokai3427d ago

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