Peter Moore: Do We Need a Controller?

In an interview this morning, after the announcement of Project Natal, the Sony motion controller, and EA Sports' continued commitment to the exercise space, Peter Moore has shared with Gamasutra his thoughts on what will make a successful Natal product. "We've seen both Natal and the motion controller from Sony several months ago," Moore began, "so we're already looking at opportunities to bring both our licensed product and our fitness product to these new controller mechanisms."

Hinting at things to come, Gamasutra asked whether it would be simple to bring the exercise experience to Natal, when people are used to device or object-based exercising in America. "The Challenge with gesture control is yes, do you need "something?" Moore asked. "That's always the thing, we've looked at these things for many years. Do you need something to counter-balance your movement, as we do in a golf game, you typically need a club, or a racket or a baseball bat. Do you need that?"

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madmonkey03427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

gaming without a controller has been tried Before by nintendo (u-force 1989 for the nes and sony (eyetoy 2003 for the ps2 and neither worked out well, i cant see why will it be any differnt this time. let me be proved worng it will be kinda cool if it finally works.

ChozenWoan3427d ago

not to mention that the EyePet has already shown 50% of what Natal has been shown to do. Just add voice recognition and xmb support and PS3 matches Natal.

But here is the kicker, PSmotion can do things Natal can'd. Begining with 1:1 accuracy in all 3 dimensions, Buttons for multiple gameplay controls, and doesn't require you to stand. Lets see someone play 4-8 hours of Halo ODST or FM3 while standing. Sounds fun at first but would get old real fast.

Plus, PSmotion could easily be incorporated into upcoming games, and some current ones such as KZ2, MW2, and MAG. I'd be sweet if you could play games like Demon Souls or Oblivion with PSmotion. Not to mention this could make level design in LBP something that just feels like second nature. And I'm sure in a game like Allen Wake, players would feel more immersion if they had direct control of both the flashlight and the gun.

ShinnokDrako3427d ago

I'd have to try if it'0s precise or not, but i have many doubts. Btw it's normal that Moore prefer Natal, he was from M$. And was one of the worse enemies of Sony in the past, it seems weird he changed so much (according to me he didn't, but... dunno..)

PirateThom3427d ago

Peter Moore wasn't an enemy of Sony, he was just working for Microsoft.

Now he works for EA, his job is to sell EA Sports products on as many platforms as viable.

Fantastic speaker, really believed in the products he was backing (see: Halo tattoo) and, from all accounts, a gentleman.

DuneBuggy3427d ago

Technology just has to reach a point before a new whatever can be a price point the consumer can handle.
Its like the cylinder activation on alot of newer cars for better gas mileage.Cadillac did it in the early 80s with a engine...and it failed horribly.Unreliable junk.They did it first,but so what??
Its reliable and several makes use it today.

And whose to say MS wont have a simple controller that serves to hold a few "fire" buttons?

OGharryjoysticks3427d ago

There's obviously going to be a controller for Natal almost identical to Sony's before it comes out because as Sony's demonstation pointed out, there are a ton of ways you need that button. From guns, to spray paint cans, to whatever...but hopefully (fingers-crossed) we do actually see a real B-boy tagger game where you avoid the cops and hit up walls and stuff.

Phat :)

ChozenWoan3427d ago

Would be sweet if you could snap a pic of your work to show your friends. Then again with something like this, it would bring a whole new meaning to digital artist.