BM: Punch-Out!! review

BM: "Despite being one of Nintendo's most popular franchises, Punch-Out!! was a no-show on both the Nintendo 64 and the GameCube. It's not strange for a Nintendo series to skip a console-the Excite racing series was also recently reborn, Kid Icarus has yet to be seen in a form other than 8-bit, and even one of the big three, Metroid, went on hiatus during the N64 lifespan-but it was sad that Little Mac was nowhere to be found, given the fantastic gameplay, character and difficulty in his franchise. Thankfully, Nintendo finally hired Next Level Games (Mario Strikers Charged) to develop the long-awaited next entry, and they did not disappoint; the gameplay holds up, even after 15 years, and Next Level Games' attention to detail and nostalgia-as well as their own refinements and enhancements-makes this the Punch-Out!! title to own."

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