E3 '09 tops 41,000, E3 '10 already booked

LOS ANGELES--The Entertainment Software Association set out to make this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo reflect the energy and excitement surrounding one of the fastest growing entertainment industries in the world. The energy and excitement are difficult to quantify, but the show had "fastest growing" down pat.

As the final day of E3 2009 kicked off, the ESA announced that the show played host to more than 41,000 attendees. Last year's invite-only show brought only 5,000 people to the same venue, while the last large-format show, E3 2006, had over 60,000. ESA president Michael Gallagher described this year's show as successful for the group's members and exhibitors "in terms of sales, business development and profile-building."

The ESA wasn't the only party pleased with the show. Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello, one of the most vocal critics after last year's event, had nothing but good things to say about this year's expo.

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