How Microsoft stole the show at E3

CNET News: You can say what you want about Microsoft and its Xbox 360. But at this year's E3, it made the competition look foolish. And in the cutthroat business of video games, that's a major victory in and of itself.

Wake up, Nintendo and Sony. Microsoft has.

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Major_Tom5041d ago going schizo? They announced how Sony was by far the winner and now they're doing a 180?

I GOTS to get me sum of dat MICROSOFT MONEYS!

Orange5041d ago

I don't think Don Reisinger has written an objective article yet. Whether there's truth in what he wrote or not, he's such a cheerleader for team green, i can't take anything he writes seriously. Look up his other columns.

I'm more interested in Kotaku's positive take on Natal vis-a-vis Burnout Paradise and negative take on Natal vis-a-vis the Breakout game.

Montreafart5041d ago

Hahaha, they are so blind, they cant even see that the majority of gamers are now behind Sony.

All this negative shiat and money bribing is doing exactly the opposite of what they intend to do: they make people hate MS and the xbots even more.

theKiller5041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

by showing a broken receiver that doesnt work properly with body movements// :)!!

even Cnet admitted sony won the show!! by the way Cnet is owned/cooperating with MS!

ThatCanadianGuy5041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

Before i even go to the source i'm going to take a wild guess and say Don wrote this..

Edit: Haha.To predictable.Anytime you see "CNET" and lots of PS3/Nintendo bashing with an overflow of Microsoft ass kissing, you know it's good o'l don.

Genesis55041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

Does Cnet even live in the same world as the rest of us. The only thing MS stold this E3 was another multi plat game.

Orange5041d ago

i wrote the same thing in the open zone. this guys is the biggest MS cheerleader.

vhero5041d ago

Yeah biased crap TBH I thought MS did do good as did Sony.. Nintendo did terrible as usual but nothing this E3 was really that great.. I think the PSP Go leaking really didn't help Sony though.. E3 2009 has been a massive disappointment for me.

darthv725041d ago

Didnt cnet just give sony the nod for best show the other day?

GiantEnemyCrab5041d ago

darth I was going to say the same thing.

Didn't see all these whiners in that article... no coincidence.

BRG90005041d ago

How does one "steal" a multiplatform game? I don't get this logic that a game being available on both consoles somehow lessens the experience.

Now if they had taken games previously announced as multiplatform and said "Surprise! Now it's only on Xbox!" I could see the complaint.

Natsu895041d ago

"CNET News: You can say what you want about Microsoft and its Xbox 360. But at this year's E3, it made the competition look foolish. And in the cutthroat business of video games, that's a major victory in and of itself.

Wake up, Nintendo and Sony. Microsoft has. "

WTH is this? look foolish? There was only one thing i didn't know at the ms conference and that was Halo Reach! And now remember what sony presented and here i mean the unnknown stuf(yeah you can count the motion controler too as we didn't know how it looks like or how it works but we did know about natal). There is a lots more that sony offered! "major victory" you made me laugh at this point. You don't what this mean! And we all know in 2009 it was MS who was sleeping.

nightfallfilms5041d ago

Sure didn't see all the Sony Fanboy crybabies in this article from CNET.

OmarJA5041d ago

By announce a game going multiplatform, upcoming games we already know about & steal ideas from Sony :

ThatCanadianGuy5041d ago


One person's opinion doesn't reflect an entire site.
Now, i haven't seen the the other article from CNET about PS3 at E3
So i can't comment about that.


Thing is, Donny boy here is like the un-official captain of the cheer leading squad for Microsoft.I for one ain't whining.I'm laughing at what a predictable SOB Don is.

If their's Sony/Nintendo Bashing from CNET 99.9% of the time it's him.

And the "Blu-ray is dieing" oh man..that's all this guy dreams about..

menoyou5041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

Wow this guy is on crack. "Wake up Sony and Nintendo" and "Microsoft made the competition look foolish"????

Everyone agrees Sony at LEAST did as good as Microsoft, most agree Sony did better, even some guy who wrote on CNET agrees Sony did best LOL.

This guy is as ridiculous as Kotaku.

Monchichi0255041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

The other article you guys were reffering to was just a blog on Cnet. It wasn't anything official.

What's to disagree with? It clearly say "The Gadget BLOG" on the top of that article!!! Silly kids!

johnnywit5041d ago

I didn't really watch E3 but this makes the 4th site that was impressed with MS conference. Gamepro, 1up, G4TV, and now CNET all thought MS did a great job. I'm waiting for someone on here to post news of how terrible MS conference was but I haven't seen it yet. I guess either these sites above are bias or MS did indeed have a good conference. I don't know if they stole the show or anything like that but so far it seems they have done pretty good.

GiantEnemyCrab5041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

@1.12: This is the same thing. Dons blog is "The Digital Home" and the other Sony one was "Crave". He just bills it as a blog while Don doesn't. But they are the same thing and link the same way from Cnet.

nightfallfilms5041d ago

@ThatCanadienguy420 the funny thing is all of you people talking about him being a MS fanboy should look in the mirror because you are probably just like him. Of course most people will not see this because we all know that fanboys are blind and ignorant.

XxZxX5041d ago

I believe that guy only interest in XBOX 360 and nothing else.
Tunnel vision.

PtRoLLFacE5041d ago

well ign shows something similar

so that means ign is kissing MS as$ too ummm ? take a look a the chart

StephanieBBB5041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

The trailer is fake as pamela anderssons titts. Need proof?

- Tony hawk himself saying that it doesn't work with a "air" board.

- The Project Natal trailer. (Check at 1.53 min)

How in the h3ll is that possible? 1:1 ratio too? Pure bull. You guys are getting spoon feed with it and doesn't even think for yourself...

Aquanox5041d ago

When he talks about making them look foolish he's probably refering to project Natal. How in the world do you think those Sony presenters felt when they saw Microsoft's Demo knowing they will have to announce their motion sense controller afterwards?

The Sony controller is cool an innovative to some extent but there was nowhere as groundbreaking as Natal in terms of innovation. In short, Sony took Wii mote and Eye toy, two previously released products and "integrated" the idea into one. Microsoft did something that just had never seen before, 3D motion recognition in games? It would've sounded unreal just one week ago.

Most major media sites are agreeing on that MS won the show. I hope this serves as a lesson for those naysayers saying MS had nothing for 2009.

Pika-pie5041d ago

I agree that Microsofts show generated the most buzz with Natal and they deffinatly had their best show ever.

But in the eyes of the gamer here and now... It was Sonys show again with their stella line up.

Monchichi0255041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

Sony fans can cry all they want but the mass perception is that MS won because they created the most buzz and set themselves up to win another Christmas season.

EVERY news organization was talking about the Natal the following day! It was that groundbreaking that they were talking about it everywhere!
YES, Sony had a very good presentation for us Gamers...but that's the thing, only for us gamers. At this point of the game we don't really matter in terms of sales because we already own systems and have chosen our alliances. Now the battle to be fought is for the mass market. the people who care about things like Natal.

In terms of us Hardcore Gamers, MS did enough to stop that whole MS doesn't have any games this year arguement. YES, Sony does have more, but not enough to make a huge difference at this point.

And about that games only matters to us. A casual gamer will only buy 2 or 3 games AT most this holiday season. Those games will be the likes of Call of Duty, Madden and etc..... So for them the whole exclusive arguement is a moot point. they wanna play there games at the cheapest possible price.

That is why Sony will never be successful without a pricedrop that will put them close to $200. then it will be game on!!! Till then...much more of the same.

Aquanox5041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

Nice, now we're back to the "Microsoft paid them all" arguments.

Why don't you guys just get over the idea that it's a possibility that it was Microsoft the one that impressed the press the most?

This is a public poll btw, they're just agreeing with the people who voted.


Genesis55041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

Ms impressed the American media. The rest of the worlds media that doesn't have the made is America blinders wrapped around their heads see things in a less biased way.

Sony had twice the gaming content than MS, new hardware and a new motion sensing device that works better than anything currently out there. Natal shows promise but nobody is even sure when it will be ready.

What is it that convinces you MS had the best show? The 2 surviving Beatles.

solidt125041d ago

How can you play a FPS with Project Natel, you need something in your hands. That's why I am more interested in the Playstation 3 motion sensing. Project Natel will be better for fighting games.

nightfallfilms5041d ago

@1.18 so all the game sites that have played Natal behind closed doors and have said it works, don't mean anything I guess? Take your fanboy comments somewhere else.

Monchichi0255041d ago

Too bad America is the media capital of the world! And you just happen to be on an American webpage by the way. Take your hate elsewhere.

Genesis55041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

I am not anti American I live in Canada I have a lot of American made products the I use everyday. But the American media is extremely biased when it comes to judging things on merits and not where it is made.

Thats a shame because it is the media capital of the world. It's to bad that you can get an impartial observation from them.

Doctor_Doom5041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

Metal Gear aka ($ony's Halo) is one of the biggest franchise that $ony had . I think that MGR was a huge surprise for the Xb0x fans it's like taking Halo from M$ and release it as a multiplatform game.

BTW , Project natal looks really promising

Toenado5041d ago

I doubt project natal will ever become what MS intends it to. If it does it will not be any time soon. Also im not the laziest person but I sure as hell dont want to be standing around, waving my arms about while talking to my tv for hours on end when i can be sitting down using a controller. but thats just me.

Eddie201015041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

Did this guy see the same conference I did? Sony showed as many if not more exclusive's, showed new hardware, gave a very good demonstration of real 3 dimensional control. Sony's game lineup has way more variety.

Please tell me what the Natal demonstration showed that was so interesting, was it throwing paint at a wall and making an elephant, was it kicking balls spastically, was it air driving a car, was it the creepy child simulator, I mean adults should play with there children, and children should play with other children, why would you need a simulated experience.

Sony's 3 dimensional control demo made way more sense for real gaming, and could easily meat the need for casual games.

This guy is proof that there is fanboyism in the so called professional gaming media, his articles are complete fanboy craap, even CNET, the site he works for said that Sony won the conference.

I will be completely honest, the celebrity stuff means diddly to me, Natal was not that great and to me is just a slight upgrade to what is already available, its great that the 360 is getting a new Metal Gear Solid game that the PS3 is getting also, but Kojima made it clear his support personally is still with Sony and the Playstation brand. The things that impressed me was the games coming for the 360, but even saying that the PS3 games interest me more.

Edit: The guy that wrote the article does not work for CNET, he is a blogger on one of CNET blog sites, so I'm wondering where he got his pole information from. I've seen a few poles on which company won the conference and all of them show Sony as the winner.

really duh5041d ago

The first Cnet article was a user blog post lol.

nightfallfilms5041d ago

@genesis5 1.27 Bias one need only look at the situation with the Phoenix Coyotes and anything to do with the NHL/hockey to see Canadian bias with a product.

ShabzS5041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

with a completely objective perspective ... microsoft had the better showing... 1 whole hour of sony's conference was about the psp ... all the major announcemetns were for the psp... they didnt cut the ps3 price infact they hiked the psp price with the new model... u guys (including me) were expecting an mgs 5 on ps3 thanks to that teaser site... it was really dissapointing to hear that it was an msg for psp...

they really didnt do much for the ps3 apart for gameplay footages of gow (which was awesome btw) and uncharted 2 and the agent .. and i think they announced agent to keep the exclusive line up long... no pics teasers or info about it... it was a little premature i think... and since they had said that this was supposed to be the best e3 in 11 yrs .. it really wasnt...

we went in to microsofts conference expecting nothing ... they did say they would blow ur mind ... and they hit that target with milos demo.... they gave everything we hoped they would have ... alan wake running on 360, final fantasy running on 360, a crackdown sequel and finally the impossible ... metal gear coming to 360 ...

Ju5041d ago

Err...that's just such another American stereotype. America is the media capital of the world. Yeah, sure, because everybody in Europe watches American news or buys American magazines. Well, boy, you guys are really brain washed. ts ts ts...

SaberEdge5041d ago

People claiming that the writer of this article is biased or that the American gaming press are biased need to get a clue.

First of all, whether the writer has a preference for the 360 or not is irrelevant. The cnet poll included votes from over 10,800 people from all over the world, the large majority of which thought Microsoft had the best showing.

Second, I have seen lots of European and Australian based game sites that also expressed that Microsoft had the best E3 conference.

You guys are distorting things and doing your best to try to downplay Microsoft's excellent showing at E3, but outside of this little PS3 fanboy haven the vast majority of the world doesn't agree with you.

TheRealSpy025041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

any time you see one sided praise for ps3 despite its obvious set backs and lackluster announcements, you know you're on N4G.

@the guy below me and everyone else who expresses the same lack of imagination... those were demonstrations for the potential of natal. Not the only applications. yes, we all know you'd rather hold a real steering wheel. cuz we all know how realistic the peripherals for steering have felt so far....

that's not the point at all. the point is that it can detect these slight variations in movement on, what is it, over 40 different parts of your body simultaneously. that leaves a near infinite number of possibilities outside of driving a car.

additionally...this argument that ps3 fanboys love to make about not being able to feel it is pretty hypocritical when you consider that when ps3 was announced they said there would be no rumble (because they were getting sued for such honest business that sony is known for), and ps3 fanboys all chanted "who needs vibration? that's last generation, we have 6 axis." now, MS has full body, 3d motion detection and that's not cool cuz you don't feel it. lol...give me a break.

Pika-pie5041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

Dont get me wrong.. I was really impressed with Natal. But I was also impressed when I first played Wii Sports. (I had a Wii for 6 months before I realised how lame it really was). I have never ditched a console so fast, and bizarly enough, made a profit on sale.

Im not bothered about pretending to hold a steering wheel (Id prefer a real one), or navigating the dashboard with a flick of my wrists (I prefer the d-pad) or prancing around the room painting a picture (have better things to do), or playing dumb mini games (thats what the wii and eyetoy are for).

What I really want is an immersive RPG like. I want to be in the game, I want to feel I am a part of that that world. If Microsoft can deliver me that then I will bow down and kiss my 360. Until that I am very sceptical.

UnwanteDreamz5041d ago

Please tell us what did those guys get to demo? Oh thats right the same thing we saw them demo live. All the promises from their comercial are just that right now promises. I think MS PC was better than last years but when a device that wont be out anytime soon with a hardcore game steals the show it makes me wonder about the future of gaming.

What has really surprised me is the almost total switch on fanboys part to support something that is not in any way for the hardcore gamers. You can call this a revolution in gaming but I see smoke and mirrors.

Godmars2905041d ago

This Dan guy may not be all of Cnet, but unless you can find other E3 articles that contradict his, he represents or can be seen to represent Cnet. Especially to the casual viewer of the website and the less tech savvy media outlets that use Cnet as their source.

cmrbe5041d ago

that idiot that said the PS3 will die in 2007 as well as Blu-ray?.

Hehe. Don't pay attention of him.

jmare5041d ago

First of all, Don is a tool. Not because of his preferences, but because he delivers his opinions in an unprofessional way. I think that is in part due to the internet and the lack of journalistic standards when it comes to articles published there.

I can understand why everyone was impressed by MS's conference; they claimed to be able to give the moon and people bought it, hook, line, and sinker. Can MS pull off all their claims? No one knows yet.

As far as how they compared to Sony, I think they are about equal and if half of Sony's announcements had not been leaked, I think their conference would've been much more impressive. I think it's the personal preferences and biases that are tipping it in either direction for people.

MS did not impress with their games. This does not mean that the games were not impressive, just that there were no shocks or real surprises. Crackdown 2 was a surprise, but not a huge one. L4D2 was a surprise, but more of a disappointment to the people who want Episode 3 RFN. Everyone knew there would be a couple of Halo titles; MS is going to pump that well until it's dry. FF XIII and AC2 were both shown off at Sony (And better shown, I might add). Splinter Cell is a love/hate franchise and it didn't seem to be that impressive, to me. Alan Wake just seemed like a cross between Alone in the Dark and Silent Hill.

That leaves the Live stuff. Twitter and FaceBook? Cool. I can think of three ways to already access both of them. The downloading of full games? Hardware issues aside, the PS3 already does this on certain titles, so I don't see what's so impressive. The instant streaming of 1080p videos? I call bullshit on that one. If MS is able to pull that off for everyone, regardless of ISP, networking equipment, etc. I will by Satan's first sled myself. I'm not saying it can't be done, I just don't think it will be done right now.

This leaves Natal. The live demo was not that impressive. BAM! Make an Elephant. They all say Hi. The breakout clone was exhausting and who is really going to move around that much just to play games? Doesn't anyone remember people b1tching about too much waggle in Wii games and it made people tired? I guess not. And this technology existed last gen, it was called the Eyetoy. MS just imporved upon it. Now I'll admit that the video was teh veryz impressivez. But that's a video. Under very tightly controlled conditions, I'm sure it works fine, but what about the end user? Joe Dumbass who likes it because it's got pretty lights?

Looking at it with an unbiased view most people would call it about even between MS and Sony. Fanboys will skew it how they will.

evrfighter5041d ago

"Thats a shame because it is the media capital of the world. It's to bad that you can get an impartial observation from them. "

That IS too bad isn't it...

Oh well do what the rest of us do when we don't get our way. suck it up and move on, it's not the end of the world you know.

moparful995041d ago

Ok heres my take on project natal and the rediculous amount of back and forth between people who obviously have their minds made up and arent backing... Seriously this comment pinp pong is getting tired... But back to natal... Ok I def applaud microsoft for trying something new. But saying they stole the show is a little bit of a stretch.. Now before I get dogpiled by all of the pro natal users on this site let me explain my reasoning. Yes this tech shows potential I agree with you there... That being said my concern lies in the fact that They only did live demos of the painting and 3d breakout game which were both ultra casual examples. Had they done a live demo of milo on stage instead of a video would have lent more creedance to the "stealing the show" title... There is no launch window and no details of games that are implementig and taking advantage of this tech so the industry changing implications are all speculation right now.. For example in an rpg where large open environments wherein you traverse long distances how will you move? I know nobody has more the 10-20 between their couch and the tv so after you've walked 10 feet how will you continue to progress in the same direction??? This is the achilles heel of implementing input-less controls into modern games.. If microsoft can solve this riddle and implement it then bravo microsoft will have a true innovation on their hands but until then this device seems destined to be a casual component.

xboxlj5041d ago

How in the world can you not agree that Microsoft the best showing. There is no way that Sony was best in the show. And some are you are saying that you knew of all the games except Halo Reach. That is a bold face lie. Unless you are psychic I am sure your did not know about LFD2, Crackdown 2, MGS, & Shadow Complex. And know one knew for sure that Alan Wake, Forza 3, GoW:DC, & Splinter Cell Conviction would show up.
I say give credit where credit is due and Microsoft deserves it. Sony fanboys were stating that Microsoft had nothing coming out they proved you wrong. However everyone should be happy because it was a great E3 from all companies and we finally got the "real E3" back.

DaCandyman5041d ago

Microsoft sputters out a load of mon-goos and this guy dives right in for a swim.

they all had a good showing. Microsoft took the bigger risk showing off something that wasn't theirs until after they got positive reaction and feedback with Natal. Sony gave us a reason to NOT throw away the camera just yet. And Nintendo stuck with what they only know (there own $#!&).
Over all it was about the games which I was more impressed with Sony than Microsoft.
Microsoft can only buy into what Sony has aged out for 15+ years or wear out and IP. Sony's got what it takes to pave the way for new and upcoming developers and wear out Hideo Kojima. And Nintendo's got...Nintendo. Oh and Pokemon.

orange-skittle5041d ago

1st-4 other credible sites are reporting the same thing including the network that covered it. You morons weren't there, so stfu.

2nd-Sony couldnt compete with MS's Project Natal vs New Motion Controller

3rd-All of Sonys games are coming out in 2010 not 2009

4th-Sony blew their wad too soon bc prior to E3, everyone felt MS didn't have anything to show and they surprised everyone.

5th-PSN is still in the dark ages when XBL continues to grow stronger. People wondered what's next after the Netflix integration...well they told ya(Facebook,Twitter,1080p Streaming Movies, and Full 360 Digital Distribution Games at retail pricing). No more pre-ordering at gamestop.

BTW, Modern Warfare 2 was demo'ed on a 360....why? Preferred system of choice. Why is Konami bringing MGS over, because they are not leaving money on the table any longer. Did you people see Splinter Cell? How could you not want to play this game? I am a God of War fan, but I was not impressed with GOW3 at all. It looked like GOD2 except in HD.

StephanieBBB5040d ago (Edited 5040d ago )

What other sites? Can you post a source?

But check my previous post because THE EVIDENCE IS RIGHT THERE! How thick must you be to overlook it? Im not saying that Project natal won't work at all. Im just saying that the Trailer of Milo and project natal is fake. They are set up to make you think that they work better than they actually do.

orange-skittle5040d ago


G4TV, IGN, Gamepro, 1up, Kotaku, and CNET have all reported that MS had a better showing. Please read before you post because IGN already reported that they had closed door sessions using Project Natal and it works perfectly. It was posted on here as well. You should archive the article.


Obviously you're a PS3 fanboy because if you read the bottom of the article, the author doesn't work for CNet. I guess CNet is owned by MS too?

jrsenkbe5040d ago

I believe 6 months ago I was able to download games like Warhawk and Burnout on my PS3, ways before M$ did this. These guys are homers and need to look objectively.

motion control sucks!!!

edgeofblade5040d ago

Let's be serious. Microsoft put on a great show. Sony did too, and where it not for the leaks, the shows would have been roughly equal. Both should be proud of their performance.

And we can all agree Nintendo sucks ass.

godofthunder105040d ago (Edited 5040d ago )

I've read a lot of article about ps3 fanboys acusing microsoft from copping the moition controller from sony.The fact is that sony coppied it from nintendo and nintendo coppied it from a company that invented it years ago for the P.C.Sony ps3 fanboys think that sony invented everything for gaming or made it better and they never give any other company credit.Hell they have some ps3 fanboys even claiming that sony made it better then nintendo did.I don't like moition controller and never did.if some people like it i hope they get it just as long as i don't have to use it.The fact is that sony was so scared when they seen the moition controller the 1st time they hurried up and started working on 1 for the ps3.if people remember when sony 1st showed the ps3 it didn't have a moition controller in it..

I remembered when the xbox 1st came out and microsoft said they wanted it to be more of a media center then just a game system.Sony said that game fans don't wont a media center.They claimed that game fans wanted good games.Sony claimed that their games will be better because they could spend all their time on games not a media center,and guess what,every ps fanboy agreed with sony and called the ideal stupid and microsoft want last because of it.The fact is that microsoft was ahead of the online gameing.Sony seen how it was working and how it was the future of gaming.So sony made a media center and said great things about it and guess what,every ps fanboy agreed with seems that it doesn't mater what sony says they will all ways agree with them(Hell i have a 360 and i don't agree with microsoft all the time).Microsoft were the 1st ones to make online gameing work.Microsoft was also the 1st ones to have down loadable content and movies.I remembered when ps3 fanboys claimed that sony will never offer a whole game to download when microsoft 1st announced it.They claimed that it wasn't the future and sony knows it,well sony did offer whole games to download not long after microsoft did.The fact is that we are heading into a new age.The majority of software will have to be down loaded.I even read an article the other day when it said that br sales are slowing down and it has a damn great pic.

The real reason i'm posting for this article is

1st-I'm tired of hearing that all microsoft do is steal games.The fact is that Sony did the same damn thing when they 1st came out.The METALGEAR SOLID games,FINAL FANTASY games,NINJS GAIDEN and other so call ps3 exclusives that ps3 fanboy claimes that microst stole from Sony was stolen by Sony from Nintendo 1st.The fact is that all the games i mentioned and other big ps3 exclusives they have now was stolen from nintendo by sony.The fact is that when Sony 1st came out with the playatation they went after every big nintendo game they could.They bought the exclusive rights or made deals with the developers to help finace their next project if they make the game a ps exclusive like they did with METALGEAR SOLID.They did the same thing with the majority of exclusive the ps3 still have today.Before ps3 fanboys open their mouth and call microsoft a theif,they need to look back and see what sony did because if microsoft a theift so is sony,hell sony is the 1st one to do it out of the 2.So next time atleast be honest and post the facts not just what you want people to here.if you post a bunch of crap about how microsoft steals from sony then you should mentioned how sony stole games from nintendo.

2nd.Ps3 fanboys need to stop acusing microsoft for doing illigal things and acting like sony never do anything wrong and care about them.Every ps3 fanboy need to read what( TheRealSpy02 )- wrote and every ps3 fanboy need to go to the sites he mentioned and they will see the facts that sony got caught doing the same thing every ps3 fanboy acuse microsoft for doing.ps3 fanboys need to check out to see the facts about every times sony got caught doing illigal activities in their intertainment department.After reading these ps3 fanboys should shut up about microsoft doing these things because sony does the same damn thing.On top of that sony don't give a sh*t about any one of them just like microsoft don't give a sh*t for their supporters either.All they think of is how to make as much profit as they can and that's a fact.When it comes to us they wouldn't p*ss on anyone of us if we were on fire to save our lives.Ps3 fanboys need to check out and read these articles when sony got busted for doing the same thing ps3 fanboys acuse microsoft of doing.


3rd- every ones a fanboy.The fact is that if you own a ps3 sony did better,if you own a 360 microsoft did better.Instead of being so damn childish just face the fact that they both did good and that's good for all gamers.

I'm not a bias childish fanboy of either system because it's ridiculious.The fact is that i don't like metal gear and never did and i wont buy it but i'm happy the 360 will have 1 because some people do like it and i'm glad they could enjoy it.I even wish that ps3 could get some 360 exclusives for ps3 fans to play.I know that a lot of them wont admitt that the 360 have good exclusives but they know it do but to childish to admit it.

Raf1k15040d ago (Edited 5040d ago )

'The Sony controller is cool an innovative to some extent but there was nowhere as groundbreaking as Natal in terms of innovation. In short, Sony took Wii mote and Eye toy, two previously released products and "integrated" the idea into one. Microsoft did something that just had never seen before, 3D motion recognition in games? It would've sounded unreal just one week ago.'


Dude, I don't know how you manage it but somehow you are able to work your fingers without your brain.

Heres a quote from the article:
'Interactive Games
We've been playing some ground breaking games which are based on movement recognition. A camera on top of the screen picks up and shows people moving in the square. With software designed by ICDC (International Centre for Digital Content, part of John Moores University in Liverpool ), it then projects objects onto the screen that interact with people's movements. The result is participants rushing round the square kicking a virtual reality football or people trying to touch and destroy lots of meteorites heading for earth in the centre of the screen!'

I've said this before, both Sony and Microsoft are using existing technology for use with their own consoles.

cherrypie5040d ago

So -- correct me if I'm wrong -- should we add Cnet to the vast members list of the Anti Sony Conspiracy?

Really guys, face it, by *all* relative accounts thusfar, MS stole the show. Again.

They are outselling PS3 by a wide margin worldwide (Xbox 360 has year over year increases, while PS3 has year over year decline == widening margin). Xbox 360 is selling piles and piles of games. Former Sony partners are coming to work with Xbox 360, why? Because THEY LIVE IN REALITY.

Do you think SE would bring FF and Kojima would bring MGS to Xbox 360 if they **ALSO** couldnt see who the industry leader is?

Its time you people stop embarassing yourselves. Take a look at the superior quality of exclusives on the Xbox 360; ME2, SC:C, H3:ODST and on and on from 1st to third parties.

It is very very clear that 2009 will be *ANOTHER* superior year for Xbox 360. The industry TELLS you this.

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rucky5041d ago

Cnet will always be Cnet

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Smacktard5041d ago

The group that seemed the most defeated, ironically, was Nintendo. They were so lacking of life. I felt that Sony was the fullest of life. Their speakers were fantastic. Of course, the only speaker that had a bit of trouble was the guy showing off Sony's motion controller. But after awhile he got into the groove of things. Sony showed off the most interesting stuff, and I don't see how anyone can be saying that Microsoft won.

Sony's motion looked neat, and will have uses. Microsoft's was a glorified eye toy, and I don't think it would ever have a chance to have quality usage. However, as both are being revealed so late into the console's life, they're both doomed to failure. Especially Microsoft's $200 eye toy. It's a shame.

Again, before the accusations start, take into consideration I've never owned a Sony system, and I owned an original Xbox.

ThatCanadianGuy5041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

What was shown the day before? A Camera game? You mean like the stuff Sony's been doing on PS2 for years? Or the incredible Eyepet they unveiled last year?

Just for fun.. (Eyepet pwnz)

Vs "Project Natal"

Microsoft has some serious catching up to do ;)

lokiroo4205041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

Really duh, really, really this stole the show, maybe turn the volume down and dont concentrate on the bright colors and flashing lights.

and watch canadian guys vid vs project natal, watch how choppy and slow the tracking is when he is lifting his leg, thats exciting?

really duh5041d ago

It looked like Sony knew they lost just after MSFT had there conference. Jack T had a defeated and nervous demeanor while he did the conference. The Sony motion wand guys looked like they had a *why the fu*k are we up here* looks on their faces after what was shown the day before.

Ju5041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

No doubt, Sony's motion controller was no product. But the only difference between Natal and this is, that Sony's wasn't wrapped up in a nice "I am almost ready" product wrapper. Both are at the same stage, while Sony has the Eye already out, MS has nothing. MS is the master of fake, possibly better then anybody else. But its not the better tech, none the less. Sony had to react, and while my first reaction was, "WTH. A me too now?" I must say, eventually, it would have been a big loss for Sony to not put up their cards with what they have in the labs already. And that's what they did, IMO.

cherrypie5040d ago

Yes, CNET will be CNet.

One of the few outsets of Technology news from a firm grounded in traditional journalism.

It is owned by CBS FFS. Not some bullshait personal-opinion-blog that the SDF submits/approves simply because they print some nonsense that you **WISH** were true (evidence: see 99% of the stories on this site).

CNet is one of the *MOST* trusted names in Games / Tech journalism. You people need to understand that *YOUR* worldview (the one where the PS3 isnt a failure) *IS* FICTION. And every time quality news reporting is printed that fails your fantasy-world-view, it doesnt make them part of some giant conspiracy.

It's time to face reality.

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raztad5041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

I dont care about who has the best show. That question is SOOO futile to me. who has the best lighting, teh best speech? wth?

I care about games, and hardware that interest me. PSP Go (and its awesome line up of games specially MGS:PW), TLG, GoW3, U2. That is all I care.

Some media are impressed so easily with MS "innovations". 1080p videos? facebook? WTF? Eytoy idea renamed Project Natal. Show me some innovative games and I'll prise your console. Gears was innovative, Alan Wake is SH.

dachiefsman5041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

HAHAHAHA! Just as it's your opinion Sony won, it's the same as this guys OPINION that MS won.

MS wins or achieves anything it's usually due to a conspiracy derived from money according to some of you.

You wanna know who really won E3 gamers did not fanboys!