Xbox 360 HD DVD for $130 at Sam's Club

Or? Yes. Select Sam's Clubs are selling the Xbox 360 HD DVD drives for either $130 or $149, depending on where you look. We're not sure this is worth getting a Sam's Club membership for-especially if you're like us and already shop at Costco instead-but if you've already got one, hop on down and see.

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Boricua224275d ago

Don't get a sams club membership, Price match somwhere else.

Ps30074275d ago

Dont buy HD DVD... Especially not the horrible add on from Microsoft.

DEIx15x84275d ago

That might work at Costco but regular retail stores don't price match places like Sam's.

Laka4275d ago

Too bad, I got the PS3 only for playing games. I would rather have a stand alone player anyway, so I don't need to switch between them everytime. I'm glad to say the add on is worth it be cause I got one, it's great.

sovietsoldier4275d ago

its not the cost for me, its the fact that im unsure of the hd dvd format and where if will be in the future!

xbox360migs4275d ago

HD DVD is far from dead...has anyone noticed the rankings on amazon recently, Planet earth and happy feet have been outselling their blu ray counterparts for nearly two weeks now! The add-on is great value and I'm glad I have one, It's miles better than standard DVD on a decent set-up. well worth it!

Kyur4ThePain4275d ago

Interesting that you should mention just the two in your post.

Taking a closer look you'll notice that those are the only two out of each format's top 10 where the HD-DVD version has a better ranking than the Blu-ray version.

xfrgtr4275d ago

Sign of despair from the hddvd camp

HokieFan4275d ago

Sony announced a few weeks ago that they're lowering the price of their Blu-ray that a sign of despair too?

candystop4275d ago

Hey thats a good price no matter how you swing it!

HokieFan4275d ago

Absolutely! I got one just for its upscaling really does a nice job on standard DVDs. Of course, now I'm hooked on HD DVDs.

Plus, you can watch movies on your 360 without wearing out the drive on it.

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