EA says "we lack hits"

In a moment of honesty rarely seen in industry, Electronic Arts' (EA) president and CEO John Pleasants has stated the company's $1 billion losses over the last year are due to a lack of hits.

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Vip3r3422d ago

Quit milking games and try coming up with some new ideas.

RememberThe3573422d ago

EA is loosing money because they're not milking franchises. Back when they sucked they were making a ton of money. Now that they're trying new things they're having a hard time selling it.

That is why I respect his comment about them needing to improve their quality and be even more innovative.

Instead of going back to the old EA, he wants to do what they've been doing, but do it better. That is exactly what they need to do.

GiantEnemyCrab3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

@1.1: That's exactly what I got from that as well. I don't want to see EA go back to their old ways. I think some of the ill-will EA has earned honestly is now biting them a bit. Glad to see they are looking to improve quality but stay on their same path.

The gaming GOD3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

We have to give EA some credit. They have been trying hard to make new fresh things. Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, Army of Two, and Boom Blox comes to mind.

The problem here is the EA we all hated (the one that used to milk franchises) was the one that was better suited to survive in today's economy. So making hits is both tough AND risky for them

The EA we are starting to respect (the one we have now that is trying new things) isn't exactly suited for the economic crisis.

I don't know, it also seems like they are becoming a great, respectful company at the wrong time. As odd as that sounds

RememberThe3573422d ago

Instead of make up some excuse, he says that they need to do more in every area. That is what they need to do if they plan on becoming the company the want to be.