Project Natal made for Wii first ?

LiveWii : "Remember last year, when one man talked about head tracking and other projects he worked on with the help of the Wiimote. His name was Johnny Chung Lee. Now, he's simple the man who will bring Project Natal to XBox 360. How do we know that ? Just read further."

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madmonkey03426d ago

its guite probable, microsoft did just buy the company that created the technology.

PinkUni3426d ago

having camera controlled games was inevitable

saying one person is the reason for a whole line of videogame styles is a whole lot of bullshit

i mean, it started with the eyetoy, and before that it was something else.

its just writer trying to get people to read their stories.

Vavoom3426d ago

Where was the camera in the wii version and where is the wand in the microsoft version?

Icecold333425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Wow Vavoom, it only took them 2 hours to rob you of a bubble. Can anyone around here have an opinion? This place is getting rediculous!

Bubbles up vavoom.

PS looks like Casey... logged on with all 20 of his accounts and made you pay for your previous

condorstrike3426d ago

Wow, who would have known, hopefully Chung lee gets to do more, the guy has a thing for creating gold out of poop, and backwards-engineering literarely.

Hudahudahuda3426d ago

Why do they call it a 360?

Because when you see it, you turn around and BAM! There it is!

air13426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )


like that chef, BAM!

edit......................... ... @bosch

ummm, i thought a full circle was a 360?

and a half circle is a 180? 180 plus 180 = 360 no?

boy i hope im right cause ill look so dumb..

NeoBasch3426d ago


hate to ruin your joke, but that'd only be a 180

close enough. thanks for the laugh. <3

Troll-Killer3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

He failed 4th Grade Math. That'll teach you to correct someone, when you don't know what the hell you're talking about yourself. :D

NeoBasch3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Oh, I'm sorry, I misunderstood the joke. I took it as turn around 180 and there it is again, not completely turn around in a circle. As in Nintendo got the ball rolling, but the moment you turn around (the opposite direction... BAM! Microsoft's right there; ready and willing. :D

Whatever, the joke is funny regardless. lol

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MajesticBeast3426d ago

lol bam there it is a again my avatars shoe.

Blue223426d ago

Must have been a reason Nintendo didn't bite. for thought

giovonni3426d ago

they never truly bite or truly gamble the only real gamble they took was with the Wii. With Nintendo being late to damn near every new console technology party. out of maybe two concrete, after the super nintendo, tecs nintendo paved the way for analog sticks and motion Nintendo always comes into a new generation that keeps them from truly surpassing its competition. Now if Natal takes off and it is the next thing to sliced bread nintendo should kick it self for not taking the chance in the first place

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