For PSP, a New Focus On Teen Market

Sony is shifting its marketing focus for the PSP platform to the 13-17 year old demographic, with a new marketing campaign titled "Dude, Get Your Own."

I spoke with PSP senior product manager John Koller this afternoon about the PSP's recent price cut, and he says that the move towards the teen market is based on who's buying the system:

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Spartan154312d ago

The teens may or may not be the right group to go for, time will tell though.

BlackIceJoe4311d ago

I think you are right on that. I think teens will want a PSP more in the future. But I think Sony needs to try to get some of the kid market. I know more kids will want a DS over a PSP. Plus it is cheaper but I think at the same time it would be smart to try and bring more kid games to the PSP. I believe that if Sony could get more Disney games on the PSP it could help bring in more kids that want a PSP. But if Sony wanted to do that I think they would have to lower the price again.

nanometric4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

I think that it is a good move from sony, due to the PSP price cut, which will make it more affordable for teens&kids. Meaning parents won't have to worry to shell out big sums of cash. IMO all the handheld market is for kids, atleast here handhelds are braging rights in schools same as- "look at me I have a Yo-Yo", rather than hardcore gamer console.

Shaka2K64311d ago

Teens is where its at go to any school and you will see alot of cools kids playing with PSP's and listening to music on their ipods you will never see a kid playing a ds beacuase he will get kicked on the face by the kool bullies. just shows you.

internet world doesnt equal real world.

gta_cb4311d ago

depends what type of school you go to, cos i have seen more people (teens) playing a DS then a PSP.

as for me im going to keep with my PSP and my lil bro has one, but now 2 of my brothers have just got a DS... we could have our own little battle of the consoles here haha!
but the PSP owners would win, as they dont have to pay for the games due to devhook and custome fw.

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