What Happened to the PS3 Slim Rumor?

The Sony Press Conference was arguably as impressive as the Microsoft one (which was a huge surprise, by the way). Many PlayStation fans were ecstatic about the upcoming Sony Motion Controller and there was one last thing that they were hoping for: a price cut for the PS3. It didn't happen of course. So, what happened to the PS3 Slim rumors?

Apparently nothing, but don't dismiss it quite yet. For one, big price cuts usually come at the end of the year. Secondly, while Sony is fighting to get some market share, it would be really dumb to announce a cost-reduced version coming later in the year. In all likelihood, Sony will avoid talking about any cost-reduction to avoid stalling the sales of current PS3 models.

And because Sony doesn't want to alienate their retail partners, they will probably help them sell current models before an upcoming one shows up, so keep your eyes open for stocking/availability issues. We're not confirming that the PS3 slim exists - it is just a rumor- but it is about certain that eventually the PS3 price will come down. It is a matter of when.

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pwnsause3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

its real but it wont be out until beginning of fall with a price cut. I don't know how people survive without common sense in this world we live in.

Gamertags3425d ago

It was pure bs! Someone found pictures of PS3 style knock off system and started spreading rumors that it was a new PS3 model. The PS3 is still too early into the life cycle for a slim model. Give it a very years!

lokiroo4203425d ago

Sev? dude whats the word, btw not criticizing him, maybe he knows something new.

Nineball21123425d ago

On this submission:

It links to an interview from Edge and Shuhei Yoshida isn't really happy with Sev or Playstationlifestyle (I think).

"Why was The Last Guardian not shown earlier, and were you disappointed at the leak?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. Maybe there’s a reason the person who leaked it waited until just before E3. But the reason we didn’t show early footage was because the team wanted to feel comfortable that the vision they created could be delivered. So everything we showed here was from the game engine, and they’ve got to the point where they know they can make this game and can see how it’ll be completed."

PAPERCHASER03963425d ago

My theory is....Bs rumors such as this intentionally have a bearing on sales being up or down. Many anti-Sony sites know that a person who is thinking of buying a Ps3 will wait if they think one a price drop is coming or two a newer model is coming. They media control a great bit of our lives and decisions and they know it

Sev3425d ago

Sev's not in hiding. Sev's at E3. Just got out of the Sony VIP tour, and I have some news to post up.

Unfortunately I forgot my AC adapter for my laptop, and it's about to run out of juice :(

raztad3425d ago


I think the trailer leak worked wonderfully for Ueda and Co. It was an old build and though amazing by itself, it was nothing compared with the real deal.

On the other hand, PSP Go leaked pictures were pretty bad for Sony. It spoiled the whole thing, even more Peace Walker was undiscovered before Kojima announcement. Pretty bad for Sony. However, even with those leaks (and after MS show) Sony was able to pull an awesome conference.

AAACE53424d ago

The size of the console justifies the price to some consumers. And traditionally, Sony releases a slim version when the price is below $200. They plan on the Ps3 being around for at least 5 years, and are really particular about the price of the console.

I say the earliest we could see a slim version is 2011. The most we may see this year is a $50 price drop around the holidays!

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darthv723425d ago

It prob wasnt the right time either a: it wasnt far enough along to show, or b: those bastards who prematurely ejaculated the shots all over the web pissed them off.

for now both ms and sony and their respected "slim" projects have been put back on the rumor shelf.

TGS here we come!!!!

DMasta7183425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I would wait till TGS.

If they were to announce it now and say it will be available for September and probably at $50 price cut (Maybe), people would wait and not buy a PS3 for those 3 months till that slim comes out.

lokiroo4203425d ago

That doesnt really make sense after leaking images and stories people will wait off anyway, and sales dates dont matter as long as you get the sale.

Stationfan3425d ago

A slim is feasible, 3 or 4 years in the ps3 life cycle, you have to remember Sony is a Hardware company first and foremost, Just look at the psp in released in 2005, and 3 years later they came out with a slim.

The ps3 is a whole different case, but even if they cut it down tho as wide as the 360, That would still be considered a slim now wouldnt it,

Sony is a able to do this just look how they were able to put the power brick inside of the ps3 and still keep it silent, While the engineers at Microsoft even with the power brick not being inside of the 360 casing, still had dificulty keeping it cool.

ryanpmulvey3425d ago

considering ever model since the 60 gig as reduced its internal size over and over again, it's likely they will produce one, but why after only 4 years on a system that has a 10 year plan? I know they made the ps2 slim (SCPH-70000) only 4 years after the ps2, it's very possible but without a massive shift in advertising it would be too much hardware for sony to be pushing.

LinuxGuru3425d ago

I would think that the earlier they broke out a new slim model, the faster they would turn a profit, to be honest. Why wait?

F3NIX DX3425d ago

linux your a retard ps3 slim is fake and complete BS...its to early for a ps3 slim

LinuxGuru3424d ago

Well at least I'm a well educated retard that can spell and use grammar properly.

I capitalize the beginnings of my sentences and put periods at the end, and I use the right forms of "you're" and "your".

So who's the retard, may I ask?

Rifle-Man3424d ago


Seriously, though – why is everyone basing the timing of the PS3 Slim on when the slim PS2 and PS1 models appeared?

I don't know if you know this, but Sony is getting spanked this gen because of price alone. Why wouldn't they want to bring a cheaper model to market as soon as possible?

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