PLAYSTATION 3 Generates $33 Million at Retail in Australia - 27,083 Units Sold

Since launch, the PS3 has generated over $33 million in hardware and software retail sales in Australia, according to analyst group GfK.

Commenting on the results, Daniel Morse from GfK stated, "Our data revealed that in a matter of just ten days the PLAYSTATION 3 created a spike in retail spending not previously witnessed at the launch of any other console in Australia. This spending continued into the second week of trading, resulting in sales of 27,083 PLAYSTATION 3 consoles in just ten days."

Eds note -The Playstation 3's 27,083 sales fell 3000 short of the Xbox 360 sales and about 5000 short of the Wii on debut in Australia.

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ALIEN4273d ago

YO SONY! you need to get MSG4, KILLZONE 2, HEAVENLY SWORD, LAIR and WARHAWK out and ps3 will be selling like hot cakes.

BBsin4273d ago

It's as if sony can just spit those games out on will

Premonition4273d ago

People predicted worse but not bad for a console thats alot more over there in money. Hopefully future games will move more units in the future.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4273d ago

Sony expected a rough start, no console has not had game droughts or people not talking negativly off a launch.
the pieces are being set.
Sonys not losing money for fun.

Boink4273d ago

they expected this round to be a cakewalk simply because they are "sony". they are learning otherwise, and consumers are benefitting from the competition.

it's quite nice:)

Bathyj4273d ago

And it was well worth it. The only people who complain about PS3's are people who dont have one.

daomay4273d ago

I got me ps3 and I am loving it. The future is bright for sony and I am happy to wait. Good things come to those who wait...

2 of my best mate has just got they we are owning online :-)

add me

my id: sawasdee
add me to your friends lists.

BIadestarX4273d ago

Sony have it easy, since pretty much all consoles do great during launch. The real test will come in the following weeks and month or 2.

GrooveChampion4273d ago

The real test is the next few years, not weeks or months, years.

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