Metal Gear Solid coming to PSN June 18

Jack Tretton wasn't lying when he said we'd be seeing a lot more PS1 releases over in the West. Konami has announced that the original Metal Gear Solid will finally be heading to the PlayStation Store in America -- and pretty soon, too. You'll be able to replay Solid Snake's original adventure on June 18 and, similar to previous high-profile PS1 releases, will cost $9.99.

As for Europe? No word, yet.

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mrv3213422d ago

Why is it only now we know about this? None the less I am excited, as will many people and this will sell quite a bit. Plus $9.99 seems cheap it's supposed to be a long game.

pwnsause3422d ago

apparently we are suppose to get at least 50 games for the rest of the year which started with FFVII.

pain777pas3422d ago

There is one boss that will pose a serious problem and I don't know how that will be addressed. I'm still getting this game. It holds up very well from a story perspective and the gameplay is very good for its age. Truly a gem that no one should miss.

Unicron3422d ago

Vagrant Story?
Colony Wars? Cmon!

Sangria3422d ago

I wonder how many time Europe will have to wait to get it. I may buy it to the US PSstore just to see the difference between US and French dubs.

Szarky3422d ago

Man! PSP is getting crazy support.

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The story is too old to be commented.