Activision Suing Double Fine Over Brutal Legend Rights

Brutal Legend is getting a lot of attention at this year's E3, but if Activision has its way the game will never be released under EA. The Associated Press reports that the company has announced that they are suing to stop the release of the game. Activision Entertainment Holdings has opened a suit against Double Fine Productions, claiming the developer transferred rights to Electronic Arts. Activision claims they still hold a valid contract to release the game. They say they've invested about $15 million into it, and clearly want to make that money back.

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gamesR4fun3424d ago

Really that neither could come to a arrangement without this bs is sad.
Also if you've played any of Activision's online games you prob know that the company is pure garbage. Dont believe try playing two moon or just go to their forums...

Cant say im hyped for the game meself tho jack black rowks the game seems like pretty standard fair with mediocre graphics and gameplay...

RadientFlux3423d ago

Actually aside from Dragon Age, Brutal Legend is my most look forward to game this year.

While not a big of Jack Black. I am a huge fan of Tim Schafer and Psychohauts was one of my favorite games last gen.

I hope Activision isn't successful with it's lawsuit. As it sets a bad precedent by allowing game publishers to drop a game and then sue anyone else trying to publish the game.

MK_Red3423d ago

F*** Activision. Seriously, this is beyond low.
They dump the imaginative game of Schafer. EA picks it up and they nag a bit but still show no care. It shines at E3 and they suddenly sue afte E3.
I hope they go backrupt soon.