European Playstation Store Update - 4th June

Wonderwallweb Writes:

As was reported here first, this week's Playstation Store update gives us PSOne Classic Final Fantasy VII, just a few days after our cousins on the other side of the Altantic received it.

Elsewhere on the store this week we also get a demo for Fight Night Round 4 and the downloadable game, Trash Panic.

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Dom63903476d ago

Where's Our VidZone they said 4th for England and 12th for rest of Europe
Damn you Sony!!

kharma453476d ago

It's coming on the 11th now.

Shadow Flare3476d ago

Final Fantasy VII is the best game in the world

Natsu893476d ago

Yay i transfered money to my prepaid creditcard hope it gets there fast, want it sooo badly!

4pocalyps33476d ago

been waiting for this all day! now i can finally download ff7 xD

xino3476d ago

I know!
farking Team NINJA!
I'm so p*ssed off man!

Same bull they pulled off when they said Ninja Gaiden 2 demo will arrive on GDC and we waited for the demo till it was released 2 weeks before the actual game was released.

I'm not even gonna bother anticipating for the demo this time, cuz I don't want to be made like an @ss idiot before.

Alvadr3476d ago

Some nice trailers.. Gonna download most of those.

Anyone on here downloaded the FFVII demo.. Does it run in widescreen?. Im sick of borders on my ps1/ps2 games which are damaging my plasma. If its not full screen then i aint dling.

FamilyGuy3476d ago

There's no demo, just the full PS1 game. There's a trailer of it though and the trailer is 720p with moving/colored borders on the sides so there no black screen at all.

Alvadr3476d ago

Thanks for that. Dont know why I said demo LOL Im going crazy.

Will be downloading 2moro :)

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